The Best Social Media Monitoring Tools for 2020


One of the main draws of social media is the fact that it prompts a two-way conversation with your target audience. This is important at all stages of building a brand — whether you’re starting out from scratch or looking to consistently improve as a household name. 

Listening to what people are saying about your brand is a fundamental part of your market research strategy. 

If people are misinterpreting your brand proposition, or highlighting a potential issue to you, you need to listen and respond.

That’s what social media is all about — interaction. 

Now, there are two ways you can go about listening to what your audience has to say on social media: 

  1. Manually checking all of your notifications and keyword searching on a daily basis 
  2. Enlisting the help of a dedicated social media monitoring tool to eliminate the heavy lifting

I don’t know about you, but I know which option I’d prefer. 

Social media monitoring tools are complex listening systems that track any mention of your brand across all social media channels and feed them back to you for analysis. 

With this data, you can create reports to help inform your social media strategy going forward, and also gain valuable insight into any trending topics that might be associated with your brand. 

Finding the right tool to fit with your existing tech stack can be difficult, so we’ve rounded up some of the best social media monitoring tools available to help you find one that fits your needs. 

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Awario Best Social Media Monitoring Tools

Awario is a social listening and analytics tool with enterprise-level capabilities for an affordable price. The tool lets you measure share of voice, assess brand sentiment, and identify key topics within your brand mentions. Another thing that makes Awario stand out is Boolean search — a flexible search mode that is useful if your brand name is a common word or if your use case is unusual. 


Keyhole Best Social Media Monitoring Tools

Keyhole helps agencies measure the impact of their social media & influencer campaigns. You can use their platform to access all media mentions of your brand across the web with advanced, granular brand monitoring — helping you to protect your reputation.


ContentStudio is an all-in-one solution to all your marketing needs. It lets you discover new content ideas, curate it and publish to multiple social channels         (supporting more than 7 channels) in one click. Giving you an in-depth analysis of your social media marketing along with social media scheduling and automation. Social media calendar to manage your content and social posts with the team social inbox make your marketing efforts organized and simpler.

Some of the other features include Brand Management, Audience Targeting, Evergreen Campaign and RSS feed reader.


Hootsuite - Best Social Media Monitoring Tools

With Hootsuite, you can find and filter social conversations by keyword, hashtag, and location—in multiple languages—to hear what people are saying about your brand, competitors, and industry.

With this software, you can organize your social media scheduling as well and publish content to the right channels at the right time,


Agorapulse Best Social Media Monitoring Tools

A social media management tool that allows you to publish, report, listen, and engage from one easy-to-use dashboard.



Sociality.io is an all-in-one social media management platform. Its competitor analysis and listen modules provide multi-dimensional insights and metrics for smart analysis. Its competitor analysis module enables you intelligently measure your own performance with detailed fan and engagement performance of your competitors. Moreover, the listen module gathers social media listening and news/blogs/forum data around essential to your business keywords.
Monitoring your brands’ reputation and creating auto-sentiment analysis reports is available in a few clicks and in all languages with global tracking.


best social media monitorig toos Nuvi

Nuvi is a social analytics and customer experience platform that helps companies create and deliver the ideal message and emotions that customers should feel with every company interaction. We do this with solutions that help companies manage their touchpoints with every customer, streamline team collaboration, and gain valuable insights through real-time data.



Mentionlytics is a tool for businesses to keep track of brand or product mentions across social networking sites. You can use the tool for online reputation management, hashtags tracking, lead generation, competitor analytics, searching digital marketing influencers, and more.

Apart from analytical data and statistical reports, this tool offers a unique feature called ‘Social Intelligence Advisor’ (SIA). This AI-powered feature runs an algorithm to uncover brand mentions and other useful reports. SIA also gives deep insights into the reports to allow brands to use it.


Digimind Best Social Media Monitoring Tools

Digimind is a social media listening and competitive intelligence software suite designed for brands and agencies who want to accelerate digital transformation through an insights-driven approach. Their best-in-class technology transforms social and online data into actionable business insights, enabling marketers to effectively plan, execute, and analyze their marketing strategy.


Sprinklr Best Social Media Monitoring Tools

Sprinklr’s revolutionary Unified Front Office enables your organization to connect with your customers on the modern channels of their choice. You can use their platform to help you execute marketing, advertising, research, care and engagement initiatives across all modern channels.



Bulk.ly is a social media automation tool that allows you to easily add and recycle status updates in your existing Buffer account. You can import past Buffer updates, upload CSV files of social updates, or use RSS feeds to easily generate evergreen status updates that will be shared again and again – automatically. Some key features of Bulkly are: – Rebrandly integration – Drip scheduling – Shuffle/randomize post order – Randomize hashtags.


Mention Best Social Media Monitoring Tools

Mention enables brands and agencies to leverage media monitoring and social media in order to increase brand awareness. By tracking a brand, competitor, or industry topic — Mention allows professionals to compare and analyze online conversations, as well as create content based on important social and web insights.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social Best Social Media Monitoring Tools

Sprout Social is a tool designed to track brand-relevant conversations. You can access unfiltered thoughts, opinions and feedback concerning business-critical topics to efficiently measure the results of current strategy and guide future actions.

Over to you 

Many of the tools listed above offer a similar service, but the one you choose will likely depend on factors like the budget you’re working with and the volume of tracking your company needs. Hopefully, this list will help you on the way to finding the right offering for your business.

Are you already using a tool for social media monitoring that we’ve missed? Or do you have a particular favorite from the list above? Let us know in the comments!

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