The Best Conversion Rate Optimization Tools in 2020


Conversion rate optimization — also known as CRO — is the process marketers go through to convert more of their website visitors into taking an action. This action could be turning your visitors into actual leads, subscribers or customers for example. 

CRO is one of the most important marketing activities for businesses today. It is simply not enough to just drive traffic to our website — although this too is important — it’s only one part of the business. The other part is the conversion, and this is definitely the more challenging part of the two… 

So why is this so important? 

Well… If you optimize your conversion rate (website conversions or in-app conversions) you ultimately set your business up for long-term growth and boost your return on investment. And by using the best conversion rate optimization tools you can increase revenue per visitor as well as acquire more customers. Now I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty important to me

Let’s jump in!



Unbounce is a great CRO tool as you can easily create and test landing pages, sticky bars and pop-ups. This tool helps you go beyond analytics and every plan comes with built-in A/B testing. Another handy feature is that you can create gated content behind a form to capture and nurture leads — linking it to any content type such as ebooks, whitepapers or infographics for example.



CrazyEgg is a tool that offers a full suite of heat maps and click-tracking with extra functionality to segment clicks by source and evaluate link effectiveness. This will give you a better understanding of how your users are interacting with your site — meaning that you will be able to improve and change the layout of your pages accordingly and this resulting in driving better conversions.



VWO is an experience optimization tool that helps you optimize the entire journey — from discovering insights, testing (both front and back end) to re-engagement, and flat deployment opportunities. By using this platform, you are able to weave a complete picture of your users and create personalized digital experiences that maximize conversions. It has a simple interface and is a fully integrated platform that helps users to collaborate in a single place.



Optimizely is a digital experimentation and feature delivery tool that helps companies optimize their digital experiences across all their touchpoints & devices — this includes mobile apps, TV apps as well as IoT apps.



Qualaroo is a Saas-based CRO tool that lets you uncover nuanced insights from the customers using surveys to fuel your product development, design optimization, and marketing strategies. Design focused surveys with skip logic and pre-built templates, gather data from the desired customers with advanced targeting, and analyze the feedback with an AI-based sentiment analysis engine.



Omniconvert helps you to improve your online sales through A/B testing, overlays, personalization and surveys, all in one place. Whether you want to find the winning variation of your website, personalize user experience or get insights from your visitors & customers, Omniconvert is the conversion optimization tool that can help your eCommerce.



When running an optimization program, you need to focus on your tests and Convert allows you to do just that. This tool will help you with A/B testing and personalization with advanced features. Convert is a user-friendly tool that you can easily scale your testing velocity with. They pride themselves on being one of the most privacy compliant A/B testing solutions — storing no personal data and using only first-party cookies to avoid tracking prevention issues.

Lucky Orange


This tool is great for discovering insights to improve user experience, grow sales, and capture leads. They do this through a powerful suite of tools including heat maps, live chat, form analytics, session recordings and more.

Lucky Orange also allows you to see your website from the customer’s perspective through dynamic heatmaps that aren’t limited to static page elements, live views of visitor behavior, and real-time chat options. By having these deep insights you can quickly make simple adjustments leading to major results — building a great website experience that helps your visitors achieve their goals and helps you increase conversions.



Mouseflow is a user behavior analytics tool that helps you understand how users navigate your website through session recordings, heat maps, funnels, form analytics and feedback tools. If traditional analytics tools show you how many people did what, Mouseflow will help you uncover the “why” part by showing you with context what people did and when.

Over to you

So there you have it, a consolidated list of the best conversion rate optimization tools for you to choose from. Are you already using a CRO tool that we’ve missed in this article? Let us know — we’d love to hear from you in the comments below!


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