The Best Retargeting Platforms in 2021


When it comes to marketing, companies spend a lot of time and money creating campaigns to target potential customers across various channels, all with the aim of getting these potential customers to visit their websites. 

And it makes sense. If you get someone to visit your website, that’s half the battle, right? 

Well, it can be. But an important statistic to bear in mind is that only 2% of visitors convert on a first visit to a website. 

Yes, you read that right — 2%.

What this ultimately means is that all of that time and money are being pumped into a marketing activity that’s only generating a 2% success rate. That’s where retargeting comes in. 

In a nutshell, retargeting is the key to re-engaging the 98% of potential customers you lose after their first visit to your website. 

For whatever reason, these people landed on your website, maybe had a bit of a look around, and decided to leave. That doesn’t necessarily mean they weren’t interested in what you had to offer — it could just be the case that they weren’t in a position to buy at that moment in time. 

Taking this, and many other factors into consideration, retargeting offers you the opportunity to target (or quite literally, re-target) these people wherever else they’re browsing online. What this does is keep your brand and service or product offering top-of-mind when the user is in a better position to buy, which could result in them revisiting your website and converting. 

The retargeting landscape can be pretty tricky to navigate, which is why you’re more than likely going to need a retargeting platform in your marketing technology stack. The main reason for this is because retargeting platforms have a lot more access to websites and networks where your ads can be displayed, massively increasing your chances of being in front of the right people at the right time. 

As a bonus tip — you can take retargeting one step further by adding your retargeting pixels (which can be easily found in your Google AdWords, Facebook, or other advertising accounts) to custom short URLs that you create. 

This is called link retargeting, and ultimately enables you to build out your retargeting audiences even faster, with people who have never even been to your website. 

So without further ado, let’s dive in and take a look at the best retargeting platforms on the market. 


Sender is the ideal choice for marketers and business owners to retarget valuable customers or subscribers. This software allows you to send marketing emails and create more revenue because it’s simple to use, full-featured and guarantees high deliverability. Everything you need for effective email marketing is within an arm’s reach and more affordable than most marketing tools out there.


Mailchimp - best retargeting platforms

Mailchimp’s all-in-one marketing platform helps businesses by providing AI-powered, user-friendly tools anyone can use to be successful. Mailchimp puts your audience at the center so you can send marketing emails and automated messages, create targeted remarketing campaigns, build landing pages, send postcards, facilitate reporting and analytics, and sell online.


Retargeter - best retargeting platforms

ReTargeter is a retargeting platform that offers highly targeted, data-driven, programmatic display advertising for marketers and agencies, built for and suited to all business needs and goals. 


Adroll - best retargeting platforms

AdRoll helps businesses compete online and grow revenue with its E-commerce Growth Platform. This platform helps commerce brands to make their display, social and email advertising work together to accelerate business growth. Powered by industry-leading automation and personalization, brands are better able to structure, measure and sync their marketing efforts.



Finteza is an analytics and advertising platform that accommodates a retargeting option, enabling the display of optimized ads to users who have previously visited the website and performed a specific action. Finteza allows you to set numerous retargeting triggers, from registrations and trial sign-ups to when specific visitors’ conditions are met.


Criteo - best retargeting platforms

Criteo utilizes the world’s largest open shopper data set and machine learning to serve up the most relevant ads in real-time. It combines big data with super-smart, shopping-focused AI, enabling you to retarget shoppers with personalized video ads, reach shoppers at scale with engaging video ads, generated on-demand to showcase your products across the web.

Perfect Audience

Perfect audience - best retargeting platforms

Perfect Audience is a leading intelligent remarketing platform which allows advertisers to remarket to past website visitors, email subscribers and social media followers. They offer free support, no minimum spend and reach more than 90% of the web with their network.


Fixel - best retargeting platforms

Fixel is a sophisticated, easy to use, AI-based audience segmentation solution that dramatically improves campaigns. Their AI-based platform learns how visitors interact with your site, and by applying advanced machine learning algorithms, they highlight the visitors that matter most for your business. These audiences are created directly in your ad platforms (Google, Facebook, etc.) and can be easily applied to existing campaigns.


clickmeter best affiliate marketing tool


With Clickmeter you can monitor, compare and optimize all your marketing links in one place to increase the conversion rate.

Retargeting is a cookie-based technology that uses simple a Javascript code to anonymously ‘follow’  visitors all over the Web.

Now what if your traffic is not going directly to your website but is landing on a page you cannot control? It can happen in many cases:

  1. You are an affiliate and you’re promoting someone elses product/website.
  2. You work a lot with social networks like Twitter or Facebook and you share with your audience links to interesting resources (articles, websites, videos, etc..) other than your website.
  3. You are an agency and need to purchase and send traffic to your clients but you do not have access to their sites.
  4. You need to send traffic to your company website but do not have time or do not want to ask the IT department to place the remarketing codes on the main website.

For all these reasons and many more having the ability to retarget directly through a tracking link can be the only way to grow your retargeting list.

And there you have it, the best retargeting platforms for you to choose from. Obviously, the platform you choose has to suit your business. So while it’s not as simple as picking a platform out of a hat, we hope that this information will help you in making the right decision. 

Have you had any success with other retargeting platforms? Let us know in the comments!

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Originally Posted: 9th of April 2020
Last Updated: 11th of January 2021



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