Best Chrome Extensions For Digital Marketers


As a digital marketer, I love using Chrome extensions. Whether it’s speeding up a boring task or giving you some kind of insight you didn’t know about, there are thousands of Chrome extensions to choose from. So with that in mind, I wanted to make a list of some of my favorite Chrome extensions. I also wanted to hear what other people thought were the best Chrome extensions for digital marketers so I asked the experts. 10 digital marketers gave me their favorite Chrome extensions to help me build a comprehensive list of some of the most useful Chrome extensions out there.

I’ll begin by walking you through some of my favorites and then diving into our expert’s advice on the best Chrome extensions for digital marketers. (In no particular order!)

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Rebrandly’s Favourite Chrome Extensions



Best Chrome Extensions For Digital Marketers

If you’re compiling an analysis of competitors, or just doing some simple ranking tasks for reports, FatRank will deliver a results list based on any keywords or phrases you’re interested in. It will tell you what the current Google rank of results based on your search parameters is -and it does it in a way that’s easy to read, visually search, and source for your reports. It will generate rank lists up to 100 results in length- which is far more than you will need more often than not. Chances are, anything with a Google rank lower than 100 will not be very competitive.

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best chrome extensions for digital marketers

Like Ahrefs SEO Toolbar, this toolbar gives you a host of SEO metrics data all in one convenient location. MozBar also lets you search by physical location. Search by city, state, county, region, country, and more. That can be especially handy when you’re looking for services by location. Quickly gain access to the domain and page authority for any website, highlight keywords, and search through links according to their type. On top of all that, MozBar can also expose page attributes and elements- making it a very powerful tool indeed.

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Best Chrome extensions for Digital marketers

Nobody likes unwieldy, crazy-looking links- especially if you have to remember and write links into search bars. Rebrandly makes it easier than ever to create brand-specific, memorable links that are short, simple and trusted. Rebrandly lets you create branded links that use your brand name and are clear and simple. This enhances your brand visibility and transforms any link into an instant boost for your brand.

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Better History


Best Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketers

This tool will greatly improve your ability to search through your browser history. It gives you additional controls making it much easier and faster to recover items from your search history. You may remember a piece of a title and not the URL, in which case this tool will generate a list of results based on what you can remember- saving you from having to scroll through every page you’ve visited in the past few hours- which may be a long list indeed. It also allows you to search by URL, which can be handy if you’re a bit of a savant.

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10,000,000+ Downloads

Best Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketers

Every reader is looking for a reason to stop reading. Spelling errors and grammatical mistakes are just the sorts of thing an uninspired reader will use as an excuse to stop reading your content. If you are a writer responsible for creating content online, then- for one thing- your fingers are probably chronically sore. For another, you’re doing most- if not all, of your own proofreading. As every working writer knows, when you write a piece of content, you’re going to be practically blind to certain types of mistakes. Grammarly can spot misspellings, misused words, grammatical errors- hence the name- and errors of context. Grammarly doesn’t relieve you of the need to proofread your work, but it does act as an additional filter to make errors less common in the things you publish. Everyone makes little mistakes now and again, but with this tool, you’ll make fewer.

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Best Marketing tools for Digital Marketers

While it may seem at first like little more than a basic screenshot tool, LightShot actually does a great job capturing images of important information that you believe might soon be deleted. A lot of people tweet things they regret and quickly delete them, for example- and there are a million other similar ways you can quickly snatch up important information that might soon vanish using this responsive screenshot tool.

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Best Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketers

These days, even the most basic user has a handful of passwords to various accounts. Ever since Google started trying to integrate everyone’s everything under their purview- it has become easier than ever to get locked out of one account or another. You’ve probably resorted to keeping all your passwords in a tiny notebook hidden under some junk on your desk. You can think of LastPass as a digital version of that little notebook that actually works, and works automatically. It keeps track of all your account names, usernames, and passwords. And it does so securely, allowing you to manage it all from one secure vault location.

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No follow chrome extension

This useful extension delineates nofollow links and noindex meta tags. This lets you spot these items without having to search through reams of source code sniffing out the rel=”nofollow” parameter. You’ll be able to see whether or not you’re going to get what you’re looking for from a site without having to make a day of it. NoFollow marks nofollow links with red. That way, you can easily spot them, and leave them be.

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Majestic Backlink Analyzer


Best Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketers

Ever wonder who might be sharing links to your content? If not, you should. The type of person who likes your material enough to want to share it with others is your best friend. You should want to know who they are and what they are like. MBA searches the entire web completely without the need to use third-party data, so you won’t be stepping on the toes of any major aggregators. It gives you information on Citation Flow and Trust Flow as well as summarized info on domains and URLs that are linked to your site, or to a specific page. Once you find out who likes your content enough to share it, you can start tailoring your message to them- or avoid changes to your branding that could cause them to lose interest.

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HubSpot Sales


Best Chrome extensions for Digital Marketers

HubSpot Sales enables you to track opens and clicks on your sales emails in real-time. This is invaluable information that shows if and when prospects interact with your emails as well as notifying you when they visit your site. It also helps you cut down on the manual work of engaging prospects with email templates, automated sequences and send later options.

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The Best Chrome Extensions For Digital Marketers, Chosen By The Experts



Best Chrome Extensions For Digital Marketers

Part of my job is to promote content to other people. I use the Hunter extension for quickly finding people’s email addresses on a website or LinkedIn profile. This saves me tons of time and effort. – Olga Bedrina, Marketing Manager at Animatron.

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Similar Web


Best Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketers

I do a ton of competitor research, and I’ve noticed that it’s pretty difficult to quickly pull accurate analytics data for competitor websites, especially if you don’t have an enterprise-level analytics tool.

This extension immediately pulls estimated traffic, engagement, keyword, and paid advertising data for any website. I’ve double-checked results from their data with our other analytics software and they seem to check out, which is just incredible for a free tool.

Instead of having a separate page open to keep your analytics tool accessible, you can do everything live, while browsing. That’s a huge time-saver! – Pierre de Braux, Content Strategist at Spiralytics

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Page Analytics by Google


Best Chrome Extensions For Digital marketers

If I could install only one Chrome extension, it would definitely be Page Analytics by Google. It tracks how people are interacting with your website.

For example, if they are on your homepage, it tells you which link they clicked and what percentage of them did that. From there you have the data in front of you to make a decision on what is working, what is interesting to your users and what is not. – Stanley Tan, Digital Marketing Manager at Selbys

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Best Chrome Extensions For Digital Marketers

Zest is a new-tab marketing content discovery tool.

Every time you open a new tab you’ll get the best marketing reading recommendations, carefully curated by a team who actually reads them. This way you can choose one or two guides or blog posts to read a day, knowing for sure that they are going to be useful, well-written, and not overly self-promoting.

Zest replaced my daily journey of sifting through Twitter, Facebook, and Feedly, in the quest for a good place to familiarize myself with the daily marketing updates. -Yuval Maoz, Influencer Marketer at Klear

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CrowdTangle Link Checker


Best Chrome Extensions For Digital Marketers

This extension is helpful to see what content is viral and what people are saying about it. Go to an article, click on the extension, and see what people and publications have shared the link. From there, you can see what people are saying about it in the comments. As a marketer, it’s helpful for me to see what’s taking off and where to further share it. Or, conversely, if there’s a negative reaction to a piece, we can best decide how to proceed. – Kathleen Garvin, Editor and Marketing Strategist at The Penny Hoarder

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BuiltWith Technology Profiler


Best Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketers

The BuiltWith plugin is an amazing tool to track and discover the technology your competitors are using. It scrapes the page you’re on and displays all of the software they are running in an easy-to-digest manner. What platform they’re running, analytics tools, display marketing partners, ab testing platforms, personalization engines, affiliate and email partners, and tons more. – Scott Zakrajsek, Managing Partner at Sproutward

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Best Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketers

It seems like digital marketers spend as much time managing campaigns as we do communicating with clients, and when you’re a manager you spend even more time sharing info with your team. Clients and coworkers constantly need to be shown how to complete tasks or understand what’s going on in our rapidly evolving industry. A quick way to cut your demo and training time down considerably is using Loom to make quick video tutorials. It’s free and the Chrome extension lets you instantly record a video of your screen plus webcam and audio. – Ryder Meehan, Digital Marketing Consultant at Meehan Digital

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Keywords Everywhere


Best Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketing

Keywords Everywhere allow you to see keyword search volumes directly on Google’s search results page for any key phrase that you search. The search volume gets displayed directly below the search box. It will also show search volumes at the bottom of the page for all of the related searches. – Adam White, Founder at SEOJet

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Auto Text Expander for Google Chrome


Best Chrome Extensions For Digital Marketers

Do you find yourself responding to the same email questions? With this extension, a shortcut of a couple of keys can produce paragraphs of text. – Frank Buck, President at Frank Buck Consulting

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Fontface Ninja


Best Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketing

Font face Ninja is an extension that allows you to identify (and purchase) the font that is being used on any website. I find that Font face Ninja is very useful when designing images or banners for a client, or when doing pitches and proposals. Often when pitching a client about how we would like to change a landing page, I will use Font face Ninja to determine which font they are currently using on their website, and then mimic that font in the mockup. This makes the mockups look a lot more authentic and helps the client accurately visualize what the new page would look like. I also use Font face Ninja when creating images or banners in Canva, to achieve font consistency with the client’s branding. – Brett Langlois, Team Lead Digital Strategy at Pure SEO.

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There are thousands of Chrome extensions available with more being added every day. In this article, I’ve taken a look at a number of different categories with digital marketing like time management, SEO, design and more but please share your knowledge and experience by letting us know what you think are the best chrome extensions for digital marketers in the comments below.

Originally Posted: September 19th, 2017

Post Updated: February 04th, 2022

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