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So you’re finally ready to go online and be recognized by everybody. You want to be known for your expertise and your competencies. Maybe you’ve worked so hard for your previous employer that it’s now time to work for yourself and establish a reputation as the finest connoisseur of your niche. What do you need to do for shining in the online firmament? We’ve listed a few unmissable tools you can use to build and monitor your online presence.

Website builders:

Probably the most known website builder around, WordPress is an easy CMS for beginners. But it can also become a powerful one if you customize it in a way that suits your brand.

If you’re familiar with design, this is the tool to use to build a visually appealing personal website.

Powered by artificial intelligence, Bookmark designs websites based on your specific niche. It’s easy to use and lets you create a website in minutes.

Ideal for setting up a professional personal page, About.me is probably the simplest way to set up your online presence. You can include you contact details, social accounts, appointment scheduling, a portfolio and lead capture forms. It’s perfect on mobile too.

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Link sharing:

When you share things online use a dedicated domain for your links so that everyone can easily recognize what it is that you’re sharing? It builds brand awareness, recognition and improves CTR. It’s an ideal tool for growing your online presence.

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DesignWizard is a wonderfully simple, free graphic design software. Create stunning content in seconds.


For updates and content curation:

This tool lets you collect content related to your niche or area of expertise. It’s also a good way to discover brilliant authors. Great for inspiration, content curation and staying on top of industry news.

In Tweetdeck you can set up newsfeeds for specific hashtags and keywords. This will help you spot trending topics in your industry, keep on top of the latest news and monitor mentions on Twitter.

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Create, share and comment on content written by you or others. Scoop gives you credibility and can be used to connect with people who have the same interests.

If you’re inclined to automate your curated content, just choose some categories and the times you want to post to social media and Quuu takes care of the rest. The content is vigorously reviewed to ensure quality.

If you prefer to pick out your own curated content, Pocket is a simple bookmarking app that will let you save great content as you come across it. One click will save an article and then you can schedule and organize it whenever you have the time. Flipboard does the same thing too.

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For Content creation:

Your own site
If you want to be recognizable, its best to have your own place to write your own stuff. Just remember to be original and unique!

This free blogging community is easy to publish on and you can get a lot of recognition if you find a niche. It’s becoming more and more popular because of its simplicity.

If you want to get in contact with brilliant and famous marketers and people working online Linkedin is the place to write. You can also use its Slideshare site to post presentations.

A partner’s blog
Guest blogging will never be outdated but it’s only effective if you post to the right platforms. Carefully consider who to partner with. Look toward leaders in your industry who aren’t direct competitors.

Social media management:

If you want to schedule your posts on social media, Buffer is a great solution with its simple interface and flexible options for sharing links.

A complete suite for managing all your social accounts in one place, Hootsuite is also useful for getting data and insights about your social accounts. You can check out a more in-depth article on social media automation tools here.

This is a tool for connecting different online applications to create “recipes”. It can require a lot of time to set up but if well organized it can be super useful and save time on social media posting and blog promotion.

Social media monitoring

Probably the best tool for people interested in building their online presence, Mention lets you monitor the worldwide web for people and companies talking about you. You can also use it to keep an eye on competitors and what’s trending on social media.

If you’re into data, then Buzzsumo should be your go-to for monitoring your online presence as it providers your online mentions and all the numbers related to them.

This tool is for understanding your Twitter following and finding accounts that you should follow. It’s got analytics and will let you search for top influencers in a particular community. This is handy for both social media monitoring and management.


Now it’s over to you to build your online presence!

What are the tools you use to build and montior your online presence? Are there any we missed? If you want to share a recommendation or your thoughts, just comment below or reach out to us on Twitter.

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