Engineering as Marketing: How to Growth Hack in Online Competitive Markets


Of all the traction channels startups use to grow their user base and audience, Engineering as Marketing may be the most underutilized…

Growth marketing, or growth hacking in online competitive markets is exactly like it sounds…not easy. There are many different growth channels to choose from when embarking on your startup’s marketing journey. Engineering as Marketing is a particularly underutilized channel, and it has proven to be quite valuable when executed properly.

Below you can see an image of all 19 traction channels named in one of our favorite books, “Traction” by Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares.

engineering as marketing

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Growth Marketers | San Francisco – Meetup.com 

Davide De Guz (CEO, Founder) and Vince Magaline (CMO) of Rebrandly spoke about Engineering as Marketing on May 18th, 2016 at a very popular Meetup.com group called “Growth Marketers.” This Meetup group attracts some of San Francisco and Silicon Valley’s top Growth Hackers. Every Wednesday night, the group (led by Joshua Fechter) gets together to discuss different startup growth strategies.

engineering as marketing

For the Meetup, we put together a SlideShare presentation (also embedded at the end of this article), which discusses how companies like HubSpot, IKEA, Buffer and others have generated millions of leads through Engineering as Marketing.

Three key takeaways you’ll get from the presentation:

1. How to increase your paying customers by creating a free tool specific to your core product.

2. How to gain traction through Engineering as Marketing.

3. The 5 Keys to creating a great acquisition tool.

Check out Engineering as Marketing here via SlideShare!

Photo From the Event

engineering as marketing

Davide De Guz (left) and Vince Magaline (right) talking at Meetup.com group Growth Marketers in San Francisco, CA on May 18th, 2016



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