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Branded Links vs Short Links

Branded Links vs Short Links
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Everyone else is doing it…

Are you?

You share posts you’ve found helpful. Recommend videos that made you laugh. Comment on presentations and other content too. And occasionally even slag some authors (well.. only if they deserved it, of course). 

But do you know that unless you use a branded domain to tell others about this content, you’re missing out on a massive marketing and branding opportunity?

And by using generic shortlink you’re also actively promoting other brands instead of yours.

In this post I’ll show you why you should stop and why you should start using a branded domain instead. But let’s start from the beginning…

What is a Short Link?

A short link is a shorter version of a URL you could use to distribute content online.
Short links were developed to be used primarily on sites that limit the number of characters you can use when posting a message.

Twitter, for instance. You can’t post more than 140 characters in a single tweet. To put it in perspective, that’s only 5 characters more than this paragraph.  But given the amount of data in the average URL today, the whole web address could easily take up the majority of Twitter’s character limit.

Take a look at this URL for example:

It includes the main domain, date and the full title for a total of 97 characters. If I was going to share it on Twitter, I wouldn’t even have enough space to include the title.

That’s why companies began developing services allowing users to convert long URLs into shortlinks (i.e. goog.gl). Those shortlinks still point to the same article but include fewer characters.

How Rebrandly Works

What is a branded link then?

A branded link is a more advanced way to share your content. Unlike generic short links branded links, as the name suggests they also incorporate the brand name. This allows a company to associate itself with content it shares, build brand awareness and increase the brand recognition. Many brands today already use branded links to share and distribute their content.

New York Times

ny timesStarbucks



But Why a Branded Link Is Better Than a Shortlink?

For one, because a branded link is memorable. Since it uses your brand name, this type of a link is easy to remember.

For the same reason it’s also easy to pronounce. You could pronounce and spell it even over the phone without any errors.

It also helps increase your brand recognition. Sharing popular content with a branded domain will help make your brand more visible and provide a much greater brand recognition.

A branded domain inspires trust: just imagine that content someone’s shared with you has helped you overcome a major crisis in work. And imagine they did it using a domain you could clearly identify them with. You’d immediately associate trust with that domain. And needless to say, be more prone to check other content shared with it again.

Branded links make you unique: similarly, a branded link leaves no doubt about who has shared the content. Unlike generic short links, a branded domain is yours only. And thus users will quickly begin to notice and associate it with great content.

How to Create Branded Links

That’s actually super simple. The best way is by using a .link domain extension on your brand. Since you already use your main .com domain to display the website, register your .link counterpart to use for sharing links and content. The .link domain extension is convenient and clearly indicates what purpose the domain will be used for: to share links.

Also, the fact that it uses your brand makes it easy to remember and spell. You shouldn’t have any problems with pronouncing it in conversation or over the phone.
And most importantly, it’s a new domain extension. This means that most words and phrases still haven’t been registered.

How to find out if your .link domain is available

The simplest way is to use the Rebrandly’s domain search tool:


Simply type in your brand name and the tool will quickly reveal if .link domain is still available.

rebrandly secure domain

If it is, you will be able to register it directly through the tool (and at a price that’s lower than the industry’s average).

custom domain

How Rebrandly Works

How to Use a Branded Domain

Rebrandly offers a handy browser extension that converts a link of a page you’re currently viewing in a handy branded short link.

rebrandly share
You can edit the slug (the part of the domain after the “/” sign) to make it easier for the readers to identify what the content is about.

branded rebrandly
And then share it directly through the major social networks.

twitter branded link


By using branded links with Rebrandly you can associate your brand with content you share, build trust and increase your brand’s awareness and recognition.




Davide De Guz
Founder at Rebrandly and CEO at ClickMeter, he has more than 15 years of experience in Internet business as entrepreneur and top consultant. He is the author of many articles regarding Internet and new technologies