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What is Branding?

what is branding


When you think about Coca-Cola, what images pop into your mind? Do you think about the taste and other characteristics of the soda, or the maybe the logo? Or maybe you even think about one of the many commercials Coca-Cola has run throughout the years?

When you think of all of these things, you’re thinking of the Coca-Cola brand as a whole. And if a large number of Coke-related images and ideas popped into your head when you thought of Coke, then Coca-Cola-Company did its job of properly branding the sweet-tasting soda.

How is it Defined?

To properly understand what branding is, you must first be able to understand what brands themselves are. Brands are the images and ideas consumers think about and connect with when they think about a specific product or service. These images and ideas can originate from any number of things: the brand logo, design, slogan, jingle, spokesperson, and etcetera.

A good Definition: what is Branding

The communication and delivery of the brands’ attributes and characteristics that tell a consumer what the brand is and what it is not. So this also means that if a marketing specialist is doing his or her job, consumers in the target market should be able to recognize when an idea or image about a brand seems off or wrong. Moreover, branding should be easily recognized by more and more people throughout its existence, and a brand should have an evolution over time, giving consumers a fresh perspective about the brand as it evolves.

How to Brand: the Basics

Marketing professionals should work on developing brand recognition and reputation strategically through the brand’s existence. This is done by working on its design and concept. A number of tools can be used, such as radio and TV commercials, the company or brand website, and so on and so forth; but all the marketing tools should follow a set of standards that the company has set forth in order to maintain brand quality. For example, if the logo has a specific red and blue in it, the brand should follow that same shade of red and blue in its design. The brand should never deviate from those colors. Doing so would confuse consumers, whether consciously or unconsciously.

Online Efforts for your company or personal Branding

Branding should be an important and integrated part of eCommerce; marketers should take advantage of the brand website. Online efforts can build a brand reputation and go beyond the original product offering or service. It can also add a ton to the revenue stream of the brand.

When marketers are working on their efforts, they should use web pages and SEO (search engine optimization) to figure out the details of the campaign.

Here are some of the highlights when building a brand online:

  • The domain name (www.something.com) should be a coordinated effort with the brand. The domain name should align with the brand name; matching domain names will help consumers easily type in the web address to find the brand.
  • The images used on the web pages should have the same look and feel as the brand itself. They should be chosen very carefully.
  • Any social media efforts should follow all brand guidelines as well — any and all images, ideas, discussions, logos and designs used on social media should match the branding guidelines the company has set forth.
  • The website itself should be custom-created, of the cookie cutter variety. This means that the company should set aside an adequate amount of money to employ a real web designer to achieve exactly the right design for the brand instead of using a pre-made website theme.

Branding is a way to develop an important company asset and to leave a lasting image in a consumer’s mind. Even more than that, proper brand efforts will achieve a positive reputation for the company. It should should seek to build an expectation by consumers about the product offerings or company services, and can encourage products and services that exceed every subsequent product developed, bringing more and more innovation to the company’s full product or service lineup.


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