How to Get a Free Domain Name to Use as Your Custom URL Shortener

How to Get a Free Domain Name to Use as Your Custom URL Shortener

How We’re Going to Hook You Up with a Free Custom URL Shortener

Want a free domain name?

Tired of using a generic URL shortener?

At Rebrandly, we’re passionate about branded links and are officially waging war on generic URL shorteners (yes we have one, but we encourage you not to use it).

Using a custom URL shortener has clear benefits:

  1. Increases brand awareness.
  2. Keeps your brand on links that other people share.
  3. Increase link trust.
  4. Increase click-through rate by up to 34%.

Since it’s super easy to connect a domain and start using it, there’s really no reason not to, except one thing…

Domains tend to cost money. Even if it’s just a few dollars…

But don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

Our generous CEO, Davide De Guz, has been working tirelessly to partner with key domain providers in order to first, get you $2 non-premium domains on some fun gTLDs like .xyz, .tech, .link, and more…

But then secondly, he’s decided to sweeten the deal even further, by giving you a coupon to get your first domain for free.

Sweet price, right?

There’s only three (minor) catches, and you may have guessed them already:

  1. You can only use the domain as your custom URL shortener.
  2. You must sign up for Rebrandly in order to redeem. Pretty obvious I’m sure.
  3. Unfortunately, due to an abuse issue, your credit card is required, but will not be charged.

And if you aren’t aware, you have to fill out a little bit of business/personal information in order to legally own a domain (required by ICANN international law).

Here are the domain extensions we are giving away for free:

  • .link
  • .click
  • .xyz
  • .tech
  • .press
  • .site
  • .space

So, if you’re game here’s your coupon code… This deal will not last forever, so register now:



Use Coupon Code:  really free to get your first domain completely free and get better at creating, tracking, and sharing links online.

Click here to find your perfect domain and redeem your coupon

But one more thing before you run off…

To help you choose a domain to use as your custom URL shortener, keep reading and see which domain extension fits your business (or person) the best:

Free Domain Extensions to Consider Using as Your Custom URL Shortener

Before choosing a domain, you really need to understand who your target audience is… Who you want your domain name to resonate with…

And we want to thank our amazing partners, Uniregistry, XYZ, and Radix for helping to orchestrate discounts on domains that allowed this giveaway to take place.

Here’s a list of all of the domain extensions we are giving away for free:





Links are what you are sharing, so naturally, it makes sense to have .link as your custom URL shortener. It tends to be the most popular for custom URL shortener’s, but it also isn’t particularly creative. It’s just solid. So if you’re looking for straightforward and solid, I’d get a .link.



Click is good, but honestly, I tend to prefer .link over .click. I don’t know why that’s just me personally.

Click is great for those trying to elicit action from their users. If you feel like you are really trying to constantly motivate others to click the link, I’d go with .click.


XYZ, in this case, is both our partner’s name and the name of the domain extension we are hooking you up with…


Join the movement!

XYZ has built a massive brand out of their domain extension.

These guys are just a really cool brand, cool company, and cool domain extension. When I went to their corporate headquarters, they handed me a pair of red and blue glasses and showed me how they were working on 3D websites. How cool is that!!!


As the largest of the gTLD’s, you really can’t go wrong with a .xyz extension on your custom link shortener.

I highly recommend .xyz extension for those targeting the younger generations and working to have a very hip appeal.


The fastest way to get to know Radix and their amazing extensions is to check out this awesome study they did on how customers relate to each domain extension.

The results have been compiled in this handy infographic for your pleasure:

How Radix New Top Level Domains Fare with End Consumers
credit: Radix.website



Since technology drives our world, it was discerned that these tech companies and enthusiasts should find themselves an online presence that’ll complement their interests best. Thus Radix launched the .tech domain.

They’ve had some of the biggest tech companies use .tech domains for their products or their brand presence on the internet. Noteworthy amongst them is The Consumer Electronics Show, that migrated to ces.tech! What a perfect fit!

Having struggled to find the perfect domain for their ideas, take a look at hundreds of startups that have adopted the .tech domain extension.

Programmers also seem to really enjoy .tech domains.

And there’s an increasing number of tech clubs and coding schools jumping on board since it not only categorizes their interests better than any other but also enables the creation of shorter and memorable domain names.



Running a PR firm?

Spitting out a lot of hot content?

Or maybe you are the PR division of a larger company?

Using .press is perfect for any company sending out press releases on the regular.

I especially recommend getting this domain and using it exclusively for when you get big press/publicity or issue your own releases, and then saving other domains, like .link or .tech as your main URL shortener and sharing domains.



Site is typically reserved as a domain extension for a website. But we are giving it away for free, so if it fits you as your custom URL shortener that’s great.

You could use .site to reference various job site’s for your business and it could be used perfectly in conjunction with Google maps for some simple and easy to remember custom URLs when directing employees or customers to new locations.



Space domains let innovators and creative minds create their own unique corner of the web.

Who is the Space Domain Extension for?

Perfect for freelancers, artists, writers, designers, and more, the open-ended domain allows users to create a web presence unique to their interests. In a more literal sense, .space can also be used by aerospace companies or outer-space enthusiasts.

Final Thoughts

We won’t be giving away free domains forever, so take advantage of this offer while it lasts. By now you should know which domain extension is right for you, but you may not know which domain name to actually buy, so check out this post we wrote on how to find the perfect domain name to use as your custom URL shortener.

What do you think? Will you be getting a free domain to use as your custom URL shortener? Are you not sure which one to choose? Remember, you only get one freebie on us…



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