150+ Best Marketing Tools: Ultimate List

150+ Best Marketing Tools


Recently my boss asked me to do some research into the best marketing tools so we could know what we should be using at Rebrandly. I started with a simple search: ‘Best Marketing Tools‘. But I found so many different marketing products doing so many different things. I knew it was going to be a mammoth task to sort through them all.

It took me a lot of time to check them out and do the research, so I decided to write up my findings in this blog post. I hope it saves other people the hours, days and weeks which I spent researching and testing all these different products.

I start the list with the 15 best marketing tools that I found across a number of different categories. Then, I dig a bit deeper into each category and recommend some more tools. This way you can get a brief overview or dig a bit deeper into the area of marketing you’re most interested in.

With that said, I’m just one man. If there’s a best marketing tool that you use and thinks deserves a place on the list let me know in the comments section below and I’ll test that one out too!

The 15 Best Marketing Tools:

These were the creme de la creme, the tops of the pops, the best of the best that I came across during my research. In no particular order, here are the 15 best marketing tools that I think you should be using.

  1. ClickMeter (Analytics & Tracking)
  2. Rebrandly (Online Branding)
  3. WordPress (Blogging & Content Creation)
  4. Slack (Collaboration)
  5. Intercom (Customer Success & Support)
  6. Canva (Design, Images & Video)
  7. Shopify (eCommerce)
  8. MailChimp (Email Marketing)
  9. HubSpot (Marketing Automation
  10. Eventbrite (Event Management)
  11. Facebook Ads (Paid Advertising)
  12. 1Password (Productivity)
  13. Google Keyword Planner (SEO Tools)
  14. Meet Edgar (Social Media Management)
  15. Optimizely (Webpage Creation & Lead Capture)

Below you’ll find out why these tools were chosen as the best marketing tools in their category.

In total, I’ve included over 150 of the best marketing tools for each of the sections that our winners dominated. To make it easier for you to read through, I’ve used a legend so you can easily see which is the best tool in its category, which tools have a free version and the tools which we use.

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Online Branding

Rebrandly is the leader in branded link management. The platform makes it easy to create, track, and manage short URLs with a custom domain name. Rather than just shortening links, with Rebrandly – showcase your company’s brand name for every short link that’s created. This extra exposure for your brand can improve click-through rates by up to 39%.

Best marketing tools


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BrandYourself DIY Tool: 
Helps you clean up your online image and control what appears online when people search for your company.

Brand Studio
Build a memorable visual brand in seconds. Add your website or upload your logo, and they will create beautiful brand templates you can edit for free.

Monitor your brand’s perception online by tracking where it’s mentioned across the web.

Create a sick logo for your brand, no design experience necessary.

Why is a survey tool in the branding section, you ask? Well, SurveyMonkey lets you survey customers and prospects to determine how your brand is perceived, measuring brand awareness and more. While SurveyMonkey Audience also gives marketers access to online panels for on-the-fly DIY market research.

Create a professional email signature to showcase your brand.

Analytics & Tracking 

Analytics and tracking is an essential part of any marketing strategy. Without the ability to track and report on your marketing efforts, you can’t determine what has worked. With that in mind, here are the best analytics and marketing tools available for you to track and report on what you’re doing.

Yes, ClickMeter is Rebrandly’s sister company. But ClickMeter’s ability to monitor, compare and optimize all your marketing links in one place is second to none. That earns ClickMeter our best in category badge for analytics and tracking.

Best marketing tools

Sitechecker is All-in-One SEO platform covers all stages of SEO campaigns of any scale. Get a deep-dive SEO site analysis, website traffic, ranking and changes monitoring, on-page SEO audit, backlinks tracking.

Work smarter by automating marketing reporting and manual processes like the gathering of data from advertising platforms.

Google Analytics: 
Everyone knows what Google analytics can do but no list of best marketing tools could be complete without it. Using Google Analytics to track visits, goals and more should be part of your daily life as a marketer.

Heap automatically captures every customer touchpoint and automates away the pain of data. Other tools require you to tag events upfront and manually instrument tracking code. But Heap automatically captures clicks, taps, swipes and form changes.

Track Maven:
Centralize your marketing channels and tools in one central hub to make reporting easier.

With tools to analyze SEO and social media data, UNAMO allows marketers to track social BRAND mentions and measure the reach and engagement of their social media content. It also makes it easy to find the right influencers for your brand. It’s SEO tools also track keyword positions and backlinks.

Blogging & Content Creation

Blogging and content creation are the backbone of marketing. Without the right tools here, you won’t have any content to share. Check out the best blogging and content tools I came across during my research.

WordPress makes it so easy to get started. You can choose from over 350 easy to use themes and get started with a blog. This is perfect for marketers to start working without the need for a developer to get you set up. The easy to use interface and endless WordPress plug-ins make it a front runner for our best in category badge in the blogging and content creation section.

Best Marketing Tools


This is a research and monitoring tool to help Marketers discover curated content relevant to their industry.

Podcasting has become extremely popular as a content type and BuzzSprout gives you everything you need to get started Podcasting. You can create, host and track all with this tool.

CoSchedule is a convenient drag-and-drop content marketing calendar. It lets you plan, create and promote your content in one place. CoSchedule’s Website Analyzer will also help you find the best headline for SEO and driving traffic to your content.

Available as a browser extension, web editor, Microsoft Office Add-in, mobile app or desktop app, Grammarly’s writing assistant helps 15 million daily users write nearly everything from emails to blog posts more clearly and effectively.

Hemingway Editor: 
This app helps you make your blog posts and content more reader-friendly by pointing out long and complicated sentences, passive voice phrases and more.

Allows you to create and host interactive quiz games to pit respondents against each other. Perfect to use as a presentation tool in meetings, to assess what a group has learned during a talk, or to engage an audience during an event.

Medium is perfect for those not in need of their own hosted blog and that want to get started pronto.

Piktochart started out as an infographic tool helping marketers to transform information into consumable and interesting visual assets. Now, it’s also great for presentations, reports, flyers, posters, ebooks, and more.

A browser extension that will save images and content that you would like to read or reference later.

This is an easily navigated tool that lets users create fun and quizzes to share with followers.

Improves your marketing knowledge with pro-level content selected by your marketing peers and moderated to ensure quality.


If you’re part of a team big or small it can be difficult to ensure that everyone works together towards the same goal. Luckily there are a number of tools available to make sure your team works together productivity and reaches their marketing goals.

Slack hands-down wins out best collaboration tool. With its ability to send direct messages, be a part of channels and even use slack bots, it’s the ultimate tool for collaboration.

Best Marketing Tools

Tracks how you work, the tasks you have to complete, your deadlines and your productivity.

Create easy video meetings with Whereby and collaborate from anywhere in the world. You are able to make easy-to-read permanent room links (whereby.com/roomname) that can be customized with your branding.

Allows for team collaboration through widgets dedicated to different areas of your business.

A lot of people use Dropbox for storing their files in the cloud. This makes it so much easier to share files with your eam and also gives you an extra sense of security that you files will be safe.

This is a secure instant messaging platform, enabling users to send messages in real-time, archive and easily retrieve them for future use. The app is enabled for desktop and mobile devices, making it especially great for corporate team communication and collaboration.

Google Drive:
Google Drive is another fastly popular option for file sharing and editing but earns its place in our best marketing tools list.

Host international meetings that you can track and record. Perfect for international and remote teams.

Xtensio is a business communications platform where teams create, manage, present and share beautiful living documents.

A fantastic tool for technology companies to plan, track and report on their software developments.

Host or join meetings and share your screen with this great tool. It can also integrate with a number of other applications.

Combine your teams work into one place where you can chat, work on documents, tasks, projects and more.

A project planning software that can easily be used by businesses of all sizes. It allows teams to collaborate and communicate effectively and runs smoothly on both Android & IOS operating systems; making it easy for remote teams to stay connected.

Bring your team together in Trello for projects, meetings & more. Trello helps your team stay organized.

Manage, collaborate with and grow your brands’ external influencers.

Manage your data how you like in this collaboration tool that allows you to attach, work on and customize documents together.