Best Free Chrome Extensions for Social Media Managers

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Chrome Extensions are a huge benefit to Social Media Managers who want to optimise how they complete tasks. In a sphere where technology moves so fast, it is only fair that us Social Media Managers should be able to use some of the fast-pace to our advantage.

In order to save you time searching for a variation of:

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And so on… I have done the leg work. All Chrome Extension stated below have been used tested and used by the Rebrandly team. My boss and I have searched through hundreds of Chrome Extensions and whittled our list down to the very best for Social Media Managers.

You must be thinking to yourself, ‘Another article on Chrome Extensions for Social Media Managers, how unoriginal’ 

Chrome Extension Social Media

BUT as a start-up marketing company using inbound Marketing and Social Media platforms every day to gain traction I believe our team has good insight into the best Chrome Extensions to help Social Media Managers with their tasks.

Drum roll pleaseWithout further ado I present “The Best Chrome Extensions for Social Media Managers” (we’ve made our list in alphabetical order to save fights in our office or more accurately to stop us fighting over the order )

  1. Buffer

    Buffer for Chrome is a great way to save time and share valuable content. I have always been a great fan of buffer but the benefit of the chrome extension in a content marketing role is invaluable. If you find somewhere you’re mentioned or something your followers would find valuable all you have to do is click the buffer extension and write your message for your chosen Social Media platform. For example, if I want to share something from the Rebrandly Knowledge Base and click the buffer icon. The image below pops up and I can use Buffer as normal.

    Buffer Chrome Extension

  2. Discover.ly

    Discover.ly is interesting as you can use it with Rapportive, originally the most popular extension to gain information from Gmail, LinkedIn and Twitter. However, with Discover.ly you can see much more than just their LinkedIn. Discover.ly will show you the complete social profiles of your email contacts, including those on Twitter, Facebook and maybe more as long as the email address is associated with those accounts. It also works with Boomerang, Buffer and Hunter.
    As you will see below any associated Social Media platform associated with that email address will come up and you can immediately make a connection.

    Discover.ly Chrome Extension

  3. Figure it out

    I work for Branded Link specialists, Rebrandly although we’re based in Dublin, Ireland a number of our team work remotely. We have staff members in Rome, San Francisco, Turkey, Bulgaria and… 
    There are already a few tricky time differences to get your head around before ever taking the outside world into consideration. That’s why I use, Figure it out. Admittedly this Chrome Extension isn’t specifically for Social Media Managers but everyone has meetings and if you have a big following in a different country it is good to know when you’re scheduling for.
    Here is how our Rebrandly team looks time-wise.

    Figure It Out Chrome Extension

  4. Grammarly

    Grammarly is more than just checking your grammar, it also acts as a spell check and ensures all your sentences are accurately punctuated. If you work as a Social Media Manager you know how easy it is to make errors and you know how quickly people will pick up on your mistakes which are embarrassing.

    I once sent out a number of Tweets about funding for Agricultural Start-Ups where I accidentally spelt it as ‘Argicultural’ these tweets went out to OVER 50K people. This is when I first installed Grammarly

    Chrome Extension Grammarly

  5. Hunter.io

    If you are looking for an email address for someone in an organisation Hunter is here to help. If you put in an URL of an organisation Hunter will give you a number of email addresses associated with that domain. I use this to reach out to people in relation to co-marketing and guest blogging. 

    Chrome Extension Hunter

  6. Momentum

    This is another Chrome Extension not exclusively for Social Media Managers and more so for anyone working. It is a great productiveness tool, you can create to-do lists and decide on the main focus for each day.
    It is a fantastic user-friendly Extension that can help you with your tasks each day. I’m very easily distracted so I have found Momentum to be a great help to allow me to write and promote and as a Social Media Manager I can safely say I’m more productive with Momentum.
    Momentum Chrome Extension

  7. Mozbar

    Mozbar is used to easily manage most aspects of SEO management. You can use this is two ways. Firstly by merely googling something, under each site, you will see PA (Page Authority), DA (Domain Authority).
    If you look up Moz with Moz, for example, you can see how well their site performs.

    Moz Chrome Extension

    You can also click into a website to gain further information. Additionally, you can check their spam score.
    I find this great for not only checking a competitors site but also self-reflection. We’re all doing our best when writing content but Moz gives a clear indication of where to improve.

    Moz Extension 2

  8. Nimbus Screenshot

    I used Nimbus to capture all of the pictures used in this blog. Nimbus is a great extension that allows you to capture web images, edited them by adding text and symbols etc and then save them in a number of formats such as JPEG and PNG.
    I have found this Chrome Extension a great way to create images for How to Guides. When giving step by step guides screenshots with graphics and minor explanations on the image work brilliantly.
    If I wanted to encourage people to follow us on Twitter too. Nimbus is great for dropping subtle hints.

    Rebrandly Twitter
    Nimbus Social Media Chrome Extension

  9. Pablo

    If you’re not a graphic designer or a photoshop whizz then Pablo is here to save the day. Pablo lets you create beautiful images formatted perfectly for Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. They have thousands of images to choose from. You can then add personalised text and your logo to make the image your own. 
    If you have images that you like to upload yourself you can check if they fit the format for your chosen Social Media outlet and using the editing options.
    This Chrome Extension is a must for all Social Media Managers who need to regularly create eye-catching images to share.  

    Pablo Chrome Extension

  10. Rebrandly

    There are many sites that allow you to shorten long URLs. The catch is that they change your link into a short generic, unidentifiable link which impacts on link trust. By using Rebrandly you can keep your own name with a personalised slash tag. Any links created can then be redirected. This is particularly helpful for Instagram as you can only share one link. 
    Of course, we would say that but we really do love our product. I use it at least 20 times a day so being able to categorise my links is very helpful.

    Rebrandly Chrome Extension

  11. Revue

    The Revue Chrome Extension makes sending an email newsletter simple. It is the ideal tool for Content Marketing. If you find an article that you are mentioned in or content you believe would be helpful for your readers, all you do it click the extension and add it to your newsletter. Having your Grammarly extension with this makes this similar again. I think it’s great, I share content on Social Media platforms all the time. So for just one more click, you can gain an entirely new Marketing platform.

    Revue Chrome Extension

  12. RiteTag

    I consider RiteTag a must use for any Social Media Manger. If you have a product, service or message you want to get in the public domain, the right hashtag is a great way of doing this. RiteTag acts as a light for your Hashtags. My boss and I put together a list of relevant hashtags to use on our Social Media Platforms. 
    RiteTag helped us greatly, for example, I discovered that there was no point using PPC but PayPerClick would get us noticed over time. 

    Rite Tag Chrome Extension 

  13. SimilarWeb

    I had never heard of Similarweb before I started researching this article but it is great. This Chrome Extension allows you to click into any website and check a number of stats on this particular website including, reach, ranking and bounce rate. You can then compare these figures with your own website. It will also give you information on SEO and PPC revealing which keywords your competitors are investing in.
    SimilarWeb Chrome Extension

  14. Zest.is

The Zest.is Chrome Extension is an amazing source of information on Marketing. If you want to improve your knowledge base on any area of Marketing from, Affiliated Marketing, Branding or Chrome Extensions for Marketing Managers Zest.is can help. It is a great way for those working in Marketing and Advertising to learn from one another. All uploaded articles are then approved by Pro Marketers to ensure all content on the site is of a high quality, this additional level of approval really sets this content discovery extension apart from the rest.

Since adding this extension I have used it to add interesting articles to on our Social Media platforms. As I work in a Content Marketing role for a company based on a Marketing Tool I find this tool the perfect content for our followers, especially on LinkedIn. 

Zest Chrome Extension

If you work or share on Social Media and have found a great Chrome Extension that we have not included in our list please let us know in the comments below or tweet us using the box below. 


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  • Bonnie Porter

    Thanks so much for including Buffer, Samantha! 🙂

  • Paolo

    Great post and great blog!
    Truly useful stuff! implementing today. Thanks!

  • Munzur Morshed

    If you manage social media accounts (your own or for clients), you’ll wonder how you ever managed without this extension https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/clipboard-history-2/ajiejmhbejpdgkkigpddefnjmgcbkenk/
    Now, in social media management tools – e.g. Hootsuite – you no longer need to keep switching between the H/S dashboard and the tab of the URL you’re promoting.