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Best Marketing Blogs: As Chosen By Marketers



With so many marketing blogs out there, it has become a challenge to know which ones are actually providing value, and which ones are just blowing smoke.

We asked marketers from around the world what they found to be the best marketing blogs based on if they added value and taught them something. Their responses feature some popular blogs that you may already have heard of and some that you may not have heard of before. I personally researched and whittled down each suggestion they gave to bring you 21 of the best marketing blogs available – chosen for marketers, by marketers. (In no particular order!)

If your favorite marketing blog isn’t featured on the list, you can let us know by contacting us here.

Best Marketing Blogs According to Marketers


HubSpot blog

HubSpot not only offers an amazing platform for any marketer, but they are also the gold standard in marketing best practices. If you’re on the hunt for the most effective marketing strategies, trends, examples, tips, or tactics – HubSpot’s blog is the way to go. It’s well written, concise, and super educational. – Jessica King, Marketing Director at Botkeeper

The blog provides original and actionable content. – Merily Leis, Marketing Lead at Scoro

It covers all topics related to our marketing strategy. – Jara Andersen, Communications Manager at Eloomi

It’s always helpful. – Henni Roini, Marketing Manager at HubSpot


Best Marketing Blogs

I love the Moz blog, and the Whiteboard Friday segment in particular, because
it’s easy to understand and apply – immediately. As the saying goes, if you can’t explain it simply you don’t understand it well enough. Rand Fishkin and team are so well-versed, so actively in-the-trenches of SEO and marketing, that they can quickly and easily explain complex topics in a way that makes sense, even to a novice, with specific action items. – Meg Hogan, Founder and Chief Strategist at Stunning Strategy

The Moz Blog provides straight up SEO advice, without the ‘fluff’ – which is why I like it! This site has helped me on many occasions in my role to check tweaks of the businesses SEO dials. – Mike McMinn, Chief Marketing and Product Officer at MyHub Intranet Solutions 


Best Marketing Blogs

My favorite marketing blog is by Ahrefs. These guys have really improved their content over the last 6-12 months. Not only have they recently upgraded their blog layout, they also have really cool blog post images. But aesthetics aside, I always find it enjoyable reading their posts. You will find a lot of marketing blogs that just regurgitate the same old junk, but Ahrefs really put some effort into their posts. Ryan Scollon, SEO Consultant at Bowler Hat

Ahrefs create in-depth content tailored to a specific segment of their audience whilst taking their level of knowledge into account. This means that they explain basic topics for beginners very effectively, while their advanced SEO techniques are being described with hardcore SEO gurus in mind. Additionally, each of their articles contains actionable tips and usable guides. Jakub Kliszczak, Marketing Specialist at CrazyCall 

Search Engine Watch

Best Marketing Blogs

One of the best marketing blogs I follow is Search Engine Watch. As an online business, it’s imperative for us to stay at the top of search engines and staying on top of search engine news really helps us to know we’re headed down the right path. They also publish plenty of helpful guides on how you can improve your site to rank better in Google – something every marketer should be thinking about! – Sean Mallon, CEO at Bizdaq

Orbit Media Studios

Best Marketing Blogs

My favorite marketing blog to follow is the Orbit Media Studios blog. Orbit Media Studios founder, Andy Crestodina, is one of the most trusted experts in digital marketing, and the blog is an extension of this expertise. Whether written by Andy, another team member, or a guest poster, every blog post contains valid and actionable tips that you can immediately apply to improve your digital marketing. I highly recommend it. Julie Graff, Brand Engagement Specialist at Pole Position Marketing 

A Better Lemonade Stand

Best Marketing Blog

My favorite marketing blog is A Better Lemonade Stand, the posts are so in-depth and useful regarding eCommerce and it also recommends what are the best tools to use also, so you don’t have to try and worry what they are like.

I would recommend everyone that starts out in business reads the blog as the person that writes it practices what he preaches and he worked at Shopify, so he has seen thousands of stores and how they work to get sales.

It is my first port of call on inspiration for what to do next if I am stuck for ideas. – Adam Watson, Director at Decorelo

Shopify Blog

Best Marketing Blogs

My e-commerce store is powered by Shopify, but that is not why I think their marketing blogs are so educational.  I actually discovered their blogs long before I started using their services.  Many of their blogs are written by other business owners. Their recommendations are often paired with real-life scenarios. The Shopify blog tackles all aspects of marketing from research to sales. – Billy Jim Crawford, Founder at Club Botanic


best marketing blogs - adweek

I’m personally a huge fan of the Adweek digital news section when I want to keep abreast of developments with large B2C brands. The campaigns and approaches of these large multinationals often times are just as applicable to companies operating in the B2B space.  Admittedly a good proportion of the content is behind a paywall but a lot isn’t and I think the subscription cost is well worth it when you factor in the breadth and quality of coverage of marketing industry news more broadly. – Matt Hayman, Marketing Manager at Refract

Duct Tape Marketing

Best Marketing Blogs

I actually had the pleasure of meeting John Jantsch right after his best-selling book was published. It was this interaction that has driven me to pursue and be successful in marketing today. That was nearly a decade ago, and I still follow his blog and marketing stylings today.

From getting started to advanced tactics, this marketing blog is perfect for the novice marketer and small business owner, as well as professional marketers with years of experience. I really enjoy how it covers nearly all aspects of marketing and applied in different ways to spark creative success in nearly every niche and industry. – Stephen Seifert, SEO & Marketing Manager at Day Translations

Neil Patel

Best marketing Blogs

My favorite marketing blog is that of Neil Patel. I love it because it is quite comprehensive. It gets frequently updated with all sorts of juicy information, such as link building tips, automated social media campaigns, email personalization techniques, and more. It even publishes useful non-marketing related tips from time to time, such as one which talks about how a business can get organized in 2018. The blog also has a helpful community that is always willing to answer queries from readers. – James Nowlin, CEO at Excel Global Partners

The content of Neil Patel’s blog is always up to date and the information is exceptionally detailed and concentrated. Bernadeta Kairytė, Marketing Specialist at Teamgate


Best Marketing Blogs

Not only does Buffer offer a great product for social media management, they created an insightful social media focused blog. If you’re looking for data backed marketing strategies this is the blog for you. Buffer’s social blog covers industry trends through step-by-step guides, marketing tools, and tips for audience growth. – Alysia Gradney, Senior Director at Vision Source

CallHub Blog

best marketing blogs - callhub

One of my top favorite blogs to follow is the CallHub blog, especially their business section. They have a very hands-on approach to some unique business and marketing problems. For instance, their post on “Top marketing tools for SMB” has a great list of curated tools that helped my projects immensely. Their post on SMS marketing is another article that I found pretty useful. It has a comprehensive 360 degree take on the subject and also gives granular data as to why SMS marketing makes a compelling tool for marketers. – Nikhil Shrivastava, Product Evangelist, PLIVO.

Social Media Examiner

Best marketing Blogs

I love Social Media Examiner for current tips and trends in social media marketing. The posts are always relevant and cover the key platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram. I feel the posts are truly designed to help business owners drive sales, increase traffic and get the most out of their platforms. I have implemented many of the recommendations to improve our connection with customers. The blog also provides excellent research and stats, so I believe the marketing recommendations are credible. I like the level of comments that are generated on each post. The readers seem to be very savvy and helpful. I am learning from the blog but also connecting with other business owners that have similar marketing needs. It is a win-win! – Christy Cook Founder & CEO at Teach My

Design Rush Marketing

design rush best marketing blog

If you want to read about marketing in extensive detail and actually learn something new and how to apply it, here’s a little-known blog by Design Rush. Every topic is extensively explored and backed by facts, case studies and links that can help you further. They leave no stone unturned, and their texts often have several thousands of words BUT they are well-formatted and easy to read. Tihana Lalic, Marketing Director at eClincher.

The Daily Carnage

Best Marketing Blogs

The Daily Carnage is a blog/newsletter that comes out daily. Every day they curate one thing for you to listen to, read and watch. I find that it’s very hard for a single blog to continue to hold my attention for weeks on end. The Daily Carnage solves that for me, they pull from all over the web to provide varied and vetted content. – Christina Oswald, Digital Marketing Analyst at Think Moncur


animalz - best marketing blogs

One of my top favorite marketing blogs is Animalz. Content-wise, it’s an amazing source for marketers, especially those who are working in tech and SaaS companies.

A wide range of topics from marketing strategy and tactics for SaaS companies to tips and tricks on improving writing skills will always make you want to read more!

I would recommend this blog for all who are interested in creating content for B2B companies, especially in the field of SaaS. – Manuel Dietrich, Co-founder and CEO at nexoya.

Brand Culture

Best Marketing Blogs

This blog is witty, entertaining, and wildly informative. Not only do they comment on recent newsworthy branding and marketing stories (like the Olympics logo and VR), they also often present wry, refreshing industry perspectives (like a 5-part series on calling BS on “purpose” and other industry jargon). Trust me; it’s a fun follow and unlike anything you’ve read before in the industry. – Dani Miles, Founder at Impressi Marketing


Best marketing Blogs

Neil Patel has tons of content and all of it is top notch. His content includes several in-depth guides as well as a free video tutorial section that is great for beginners. Everything published on Quicksprout is high quality and easy to follow as well. All of the combined features on the Quicksprout blog definitely make it one of my favorites! – Ramon Khan, Online Marketing Director, National Air Warehouse


Best Marketing Blogs

The blog is perfect, because, at my digital marketing company, it aids us by providing the latest in tech, the digital space, and marketing all in one. The blog is always updated with plenty of content daily, to the point where it is hard to keep up with everything being posted, but this is great because I am never out of new things to ponder. The homepage has a “Top Article” section to highlight the best and most popular posts over the past few days and is easily navigable to find the types of posts you want in an organized fashion. Definitely, my go-to if I am looking for anything new in marketing, and I definitely recommend adding it to your arsenal of marketing blogs.– Adam Rosa, Project Analyst at Digital Authority Partners

Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land Blog

There are a lot of good marketing blogs out there, but Search Engine Land has proven to be extremely useful in “times of crisis”. Being extremely diverse and up to date, I could always find the best information available. Google suddenly changed the algorithm? The latest article was posted just a few minutes ago. SEO or SEM curious? You have it all just a click away. Andrada Vonhaz, Marketing Specialist at Omniconvert

Search Engine Land provides good updates on the world of SEM and SEO that keeps me informed and up to speed with the industry. – Warren Wu, Growth Marketing Manager at UpKeep

Customer Journey Marketer

Customer Journey Marketer Blog

Customer Journey Marketer is a great blog and very beneficial for marketers. I use this content all the time in my role. – Kimberley Salmon, Director of Marketing, Demand Generation at Onshape

Happy Reading!

Hopefully, each of these blogs brings you some value and will help you become better marketers. What do you think of the blogs that were chosen? Do you think they deserve a place on the list of the best marketing blogs around? More importantly, let us know if your favorite one isn’t featured in the list by contacting us here.

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