Easily Use Goo.gl Short URLs with Your Own Custom Domain

Understanding Google’s URL Shortener

Goo.gl was one of the best known free URL shorteners on the market. It allowed you to create very short URLs in seconds and lets you access, for free, some useful reports about the clicks on those short links:

goo.gl with your domain

And while you can weigh the pros and cons of Google vs Bitly and other URL shorteners, we know that the Goo.gl URL shortener has some limitations.

UPDATE – April 24, 2018: Please note that Google has announced that it will wind-down its URL shortening service. Current users can access the Goo.gl console until March 2019 when it will be discontinued. Rebrandly will continue to provide custom URLs to users from its own service.


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What’s The Missing Piece of the Goo.gl URL Shortener?

dedicated domain for Google url shortner

Although Google did a great job with their shortener, there is one important feature still missing: the ability to create short links using your own custom brand domain name.

During this 10 year old history of short URLs, some clever blogger, and a few generous engineers (Peter Rohades and Hongkiat Lim) shared their knowledge with the world. But, in order to implement this solution manually, you need to understand how to install/create software and write code and upload it into your own web servers.

Chances are, you don’t want to go through that just for a custom URL shortener.

Getting Your Own Dedicated Domain for your Goo.gl short URLs

At last there is a fast, reliable and scalable solution that is also free.
With Rebrandly you can easily add your domain to every goo.gl short URL without installing any software and without configuring any DNS.

goo.gl with your domain

San Francisco April, 21 2016 – Rebrandly team is exited to announce the integration with the Google Url Shortener “Goo.gl”.

Starting from today, all Goo.gl users will be able to create short links with their branded dedicated domain and visualize the reports in their current Google shortener account for free.

Creating Branded Short URLs is as Easy as ABC

A) Create your FREE account on Rebrandly.
B) Register a new Branded Domain Name. Can’t think of a name right now? Here’s some inspiration for finding a perfect domain name for your branded link shortener.
C) Go to the Apps page and click on connect Goo.gl Integration.

You are now ready to create goo.gl short links with your custom brand domain:
Some examples? Davide.link/CV; Ciro.pizza; Rebrand.ly.


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What You Get With the Rebrandly URL Shortener

  1. Create and share memorable, pronounceable, and trusted links that incorporate and promote your brand instead of anonymous short links.
    Read more about Branded Links vs Short Links
  2. Keep your Goo.gl click reports in your Goo.gl account as usual:

goo.gl with your domain


Final Thoughts on Goo.gl

Google created the Google URL shortener to solve one specific problem: making lengthy URLs shorter.

But we, as business owners, marketers, and link sharers, need more than that.

We need our links to be pronounceable, brandable, and most importantly, we need to be able to change our destination URL and URL slug so that we can take control of our links.

This is what we are passionate about and why we created Rebrandly. We want you to own your own link shortener, not just borrow someone else’s.

What do you think? Are you going to connect your Rebrandly account to your Goo.gl account? Or will you continue to put someone else’s brand on your links? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


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