5 Reasons to Build an Integration with the Rebrandly API


Are you creating a lot of short links?
Do you have more clients to report to then you can handle?
Does your app need a new cool feature?

Or maybe you’re a tech company that is automatically creating and share thousands of links a day, like Queueat, SumoMe, or Buffer.

If you are a larger company, digital agency, social media tool, or just a smart developer you may want to consider building an integration with Rebrandly to help manage your links, increase brand awareness and link trust, increase click-through rate, and track and manage all of your links in one place.

If I were to choose one reason above all to integrate, it would be because you can increase your client’s click-through rate at next to no additional cost to you or then, just by allowing them the option of using their own branded domain instead of your own generic URL shortener.

Rebrandly Branded Short links API

What’s the Rebrandly API for?

We created an open API for any of our users to have programmatically access to their account, create links, and extract stats in as seamless of a process as possible. You can find all of the support and integration documentation at the Rebrandly Developers Hub.

Why would I want to Integrate with Rebrandly?

Now this integration is not for everyone. If you don’t have any development skills or don’t care all too much about your website traffic and tracking clicks on your links, then the Rebrandly API is not for you.

But if that’s not you, then integrating with us may be just what you were looking for to save time, get more clicks, and make more money in the process.

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1. Building a Social Sharing App

For the most part you would want to use the Rebrandly API for building an app or feature of your app that involves creating and sharing links on social media. This is where Rebrandly solves the most problems.

For your users, you can automatically have them connect their Rebrandly accounts and share links using their custom domains. This will allow your users to see higher click-through rate, which means they will value your tool more than a competitor’s.

Or if you’re creating links on behalf of your customers, you may still want to use Rebrandly as your own white labeled URL shortener, similar to how Buffer shortens their users links to “buff.ly/kr6u9”, but would instead use your end-users custom domain, such as mybrand.link/keyword.

The URL shortening and tracking would then be hosted on our servers, which have 99.99%+ up-time, and it will save you the headache of having to do it yourself.

Let’s talk about an example:
Quuu.co is a social sharing tool that makes it easy for users to curate content onto their social accounts. Currently when Quuu shares a post on behalf of their users it looks like this:

Rebrandly API

2. Registrar Wanting to Up-sell Another Domain Name

If you are a registrar selling domain names, why not ask your customer if they want another domain, maybe .xyz or .link, to create branded short links with?

Example: You’re a domain registrar, and you just sold the domain coolbrand.com. There’s a good chance the purchaser is going to want to promote their brand on social media, or at the very least, their marketing team will want to. For just another $2, they can now have coolbrand.xyz to use as their custom URL shortener. All they have to do is create a Rebrandly account, and you get the up-sell.

Furthermore, if you do make the up-sell, your user creates an account with Rebrandly, and that user ends up becoming a premium user of ours, we’re happy to talk about affiliate options where you’ll be generating even more income from the upsell.

Here’s what this integration might look like…

Rebrandly API

Plus, if you’re a registrar that wants to build out this integration using the Rebrandly API, we’ll gladly promote your brand across our social channels, similar to how we did with .xyz.

In order to complete this integration, please contact us at dev [at] rebrandly.com.

3. Create an Awesome Plugin or Browser Extension

Are you a freelance developer building Word-Press or other blog platform plugins? Or are you building browser extensions that could use another URL shortener added to the drop-down list?

Well, there’s a lot of bloggers out there, and all of them want their posts easily shared to social channels by their readers, for obvious reasons.

Do both the bloggers and their readers a favor by adding a custom URL shortener to the options they have. Bloggers could suggest their readers use their brand, e.g. topnotchblogger.click/new-blog-post, or, the reader that’s sharing their post can quickly use their own branded link as well through your plugin.

For example: Rebrandly’s Chrome Extension has been completely created with our API.

4. Developer Who Wants to Add Their Brand to the Links Shared From Their Mobile App

There’s a lot of iOS and Android apps out there which allow users to share online video files to social media channels. If you’re the developer of one of those apps, this integration is for you.

Want all the links shared from your app to include your brand name? Or maybe you want to offer the premium users of your app the ability to create their own branded links?

Consider integrating with Rebrandly and get a clear advantage over your competition.

5. Easier or Automated Reporting on Your Link Clicks

Are you an agency using Rebrandly to manage multiple links across websites and campaigns?

Use the Rebrandly app to automatically export all links created and their click reports to automatically compile weekly or monthly reports. Coming soon is the Rebrandly <> Zapier integration that will make this even easier for reporting.

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Final Thoughts

Even if you don’t know how to code, you can integrate Rebrandly with a handful of other companies including Bitly, Google, and ClickMeter in our apps dashboard:

Rebrandly Apps Dashboard

There are many other reasons and ways to integrate your app with Rebrandly to provide additional value to your users. But it’s not easy to actually get it done.

So if you’re even thinking that this integration could benefit you, contact us and let’s talk about the pros and cons of spending the time to get it done. Email us at “dev [@] rebrandly.com” and let’s get you and your business moving!

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Originally Posted: August 3rd, 2017.
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