The Best Online Logo Makers in 2020

Best Online Logo Makers in 2020

A logo is often the foundation of brand identity and therefore it has to be memorable. Logos are important because they represent what you as a business stand for. They speak about your values, evokes a sense of connection between the company and customers and it has a huge impact on the first impression —…

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The Best Live Chat Software in 2020

best live chat software in 2020

  Live chat is probably one of the most dynamic ways to interact with your users, customers, or prospects nowadays. With live chat, you can increase customer satisfaction, discover issues and feedback instantly and of course increase sales. Why is live chat software so valuable?  Well, there are numerous reasons for this but some of…

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How to Use Social Media to Collect Leads

ow to use social media to collect leads

  Social media isn’t just a great place to catch up with family, see your high school friend’s new baby photos, or get into heated political arguments.   When implemented thoughtfully, marketers that focus on offering value and building relationships with their audience can easily tap into the goldmine that is social media for lead generation….

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