Feather Hickox

How to Determine if Your SMS Links Are a Security Risk

SMS (Short Message Service) remains a widely used tool for sending short, concise messages. However, the convenience of SMS comes with a caveat. They pose potential security risks associated with the links embedded within these messages. As cyber threats continue to evolve, it’s essential for individuals, businesses, and organizations to be vigilant in identifying and mitigating these risks. Determining if your SMS links are a security risk requires a multifaceted...

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TinyURL API Review: Pricing and Alternatives

The TinyURL API offers a gateway for developers to interact programmatically with TinyURL’s platform for shortening URLs and managing links. Much like Rebrandly, TinyURL operates in the sphere of link management and URL condensation. Both solutions come with a broad array of tools tailored for essentially the same purposes. Both TinyURL and Rebrandly feature APIs to facilitate the seamless integration of link management capabilities into software applications, but each tool...

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Bitly API Review: Pricing and Alternatives

The Bitly API is a tool that allows developers to programmatically interact with the Bitly URL shortening and link management platform.  Just like Rebrandly, Bitly recognized service in the realm of URL shortening and link management. Both platforms offer a comprehensive suite of services aimed at satisfying the same essential needs—but with a few key differentiators. Bitly and Rebrandly provide APIs that allow developers to integrate link management features into...

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