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Top Lead Generation Tools for 2020

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Lead generation is, and always has been a key step in the sales and marketing funnels.

Simply put – more leads = more revenue. And every business wants more revenue, right?

However, this can become problematic as you try to scale your lead generation activities. As the old saying goes, there aren’t enough hours in the day (definitely not for me, anyway).

Luckily, there are a wide selection of tools on the market to help you do just that. And that’s why we have put together this list of the top lead generation tools (in no particular order) to jumpstart your sales pipeline in 2020.

If you’re looking for some shortcuts, jump straight to:


top lead generation tools intercom

Intercom allows you to increase website conversions with chatbots and grow sales through real-time conversations. This is a comprehensive tool that is not only great for lead generation and marketing, but also for support and sales.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

top lead generation tools - linkedin sales nav

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a lead generation tool that provides advanced lead searches and recommendations. Social selling is huge at the moment, and with this tool, you can do a deep-dive on your prospect to help you engage with them on a more personal level. This tool also sends you notifications related to your leads, keeping you up-to-date of any promotions, job changes, and other handy insights.


top lead generation tools - leadboxer

LeadBoxer is a sales enablement solution that allows you to identify qualified leads and customers and insert data-driven insights into your sales and marketing workflow. You can use it to gain insight into your leads, prospects and customers by using their advanced filtering and segmenting tools. Manage and route your qualified leads, prospects and existing customers to make sure they are speaking to the right people, at the right time.


top lead generation tools - jotform

JotForm is an online forms platform that gives companies of all sizes an easy-to-use, intelligent data collection tool that delivers higher quality form completion, resulting in better insight and smarter decisions.


wishpond best lead generation tool

Wishpond is a lead generation and marketing automation platform that makes it easy for businesses to grow their email lists and generate sales online.



Acquire is a lead generation tool that can be used to engage with website visitors and to capture leads in real-time. Acquire’s real-time customer engagement tools such as live chat, chatbot, and cobrowsing solve issues faster, offer personalized help and thus reduces resolution time. As a result, this boosts website conversions and sales.



Typeform lets you easily create forms, surveys, quizzes, and simple apps through a conversational interface that’s beautiful and fun to interact with. The result? You get higher completion rates (and higher quality data) to power your business.



Mailshake is a sales engagement platform that helps salespeople create highly personalized outreach cadences using email (via your personal email account), social, and phone. With Mailshake, you can upload a list of prospects with personalization fields like name, links to social profiles, phone numbers, and even fully personalized sentences and paragraphs.

Once you publish the cadence, the messages are sent automatically according to your campaign settings and can be paused automatically if a recipient replies or clicks a link. When a lead engages with your outreach, you can reply to them directly from Mailshake, or through your own email. You can also track your campaign’s performance in real-time, and see which messages in your cadence have the best engagement.



If you want to extract contact details from LinkedIn or any website within minutes, AeroLeads will prepare that list for you with just one click. Get all the data-driven insights to keep a check on your lead generation strategy. Shortlist companies on the basis of size, revenue, industry, demographics and location. Through Chrome and Firefox extension, you can extract the details from social media sites too. You can easily export the data to CSV and further transfer the data to Salesforce, HubSpot CRM, Zoho CRM etc.



Yieldify is an effective e-commerce lead generation software that utilizes behavioral targeting and smart triggers to effectively turn website visitors into leads. Delivering the right message to the right person at the right time has proven to drive an avg. 9% uplift in lead capture. Yieldify’s USP is that it offers fully-managed lead generation campaigns, from strategy and creative to implementation.


top lead generation tools - cience

CIENCE provides bespoke, hand-curated sales leads that match your ideal customer profile. The ability to source any data field and assure 100% accuracy are differentiators to their offering, and they also have on-demand prospecting teams that manage multi-channel campaigns off these lists.



Limecall is a callback software that provides personal one-on-one conversations with your prospects that you can turn into qualified leads. This tool also has a widget that offers free calls to the visitors within 30 seconds of the question, and if they wish, they can schedule the call for some other time that suits them.


top lead generation tools - autoklose

Autoklose is a sales engagement platform with an integrated B2B database filled with over 30+ million verified B2B leads. This tool automatically generates new sales prospects by configuring a customer profile and scheduling an email campaign. It has an easy-to-use interface and can help you to reduce onboarding time to a minimum, making your sales reps happy and keeping your team focused.


top lead generation tools - albacross

Albacross is a B2B lead generation platform that automatically converts anonymous website visitors into actionable, warm leads. The tool provides you with additional information on companies interested in your business; it includes size, revenue, industry, demographics, and contact details of their chief decision-makers. Additionally, you will gain insights into the behavior of your website visitors, such as time spent on your website and buyer consideration stage. It allows you to score these captured prospects, so you spend your time on those most likely to convert.


best lead generation tools reply

If you’re using LinkedIn for lead generation, Reply’s Chrome extension would be a valuable addition to your stack. The tool helps you easily find anyone’s valid email address on LinkedIn – whether in bulk using Sales Navigator or one contact at a time. A part of the Reply’s sales engagement platform, the extension also allows you to connect with the prospects right away using multichannel sequences, i.e. a mix of automated and manual touchpoints, including personalized emails, LinkedIn interactions, and direct voice calls.


top lead generation tools - vainu

Vainu is a sales intelligence platform that provides your sales team with actionable, real-time company information, when and where they need it. This is the perfect tool to help sales and marketing teams optimize their targeting and communication, inevitably resulting in them closing more and better deals.


top lead generation tools - surveyanyplace

SurveyAnyplace improves your data collection by improving your surveys. Most surveys today overlook the respondent’s experience, which is why they produce low response rates. This tool, on the other hand, creates modern-looking surveys that engage respondents, are easy to answer and use cutting-edge mobile features – just like your audience. If you’re looking for new and creative ways to generate leads, consider using this tool to build out interactive quizzes with email collection points.


top lead generation tools - engagebay

EngageBay is a powerful, affordable, all-in-one marketing, sales & service CRM solution for startups and growing businesses.


top lead generation tools - novocall

Novocall is a callback automation and lead generation software that helps businesses convert their traffic into high-quality sales calls.


top lead generation tools - proof

Proof is a tool that instantly boosts website conversions by displaying real-time social proof. They add notifications to the bottom of your page showing off recent customer activity. When visitors see that others are buying, they are statistically more likely to convert – which is an easy win for your business.

Wrapping up

And that’s it from us! Depending on the needs of your business, you might have to try some of them out before making a decision.

Hopefully, this list has made it easier for you to choose the right tool for your business, or at least given you an idea of what kind of tool you might need. We hope you have a strong start to 2020, with lots of new leads and increased conversions.

Is your favorite lead generation tool included in the list? We’d love to hear from you – let us know in the comments below!


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