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Why Rebrandly Participated in ICANN58

rebrandly attended icann58


I have just returned from ICANN58 in Copenhagen in March 2017 with Rebrandly. Our interest in ICANN grew since we attended the 54th Meeting of ICANN in Dublin October 2015. As a member of the domain name industry, it was amazing to be able to attend an event with so many people with similar interests.


What is ICANN?

ICANN is a Los-Angeles-based non-profit and internet corporation for names and numbers. They also perform the actual technical maintenance work of the central Internet address pools.

As leaders in this sector, they hold conferences in different regions three times yearly. ICANN conferences are held primarily for the participants to meet collaborate and find solutions to big and small issues faced by internet users.

Why Rebrandly Participated?

There are so many great reasons our team decided to attend this conference as it gives a great insight into internet policies. Networking and the opportunity to collaborate with amazing companies as excited by domain names as us is what attracted us to ICANN58. Branded Links are based on branded domain names and therefore having the opportunity to meet and speak with other leaders in this industry is something we could not miss. 

We met so many other great companies from Verisign, Rightside Donuts, XYZ, Automattic, Domainr, iWantMyName, .Cloud, Radix and Uniregistry to name but a few registries and registrars in attendance.  

Making Friends

Frank Schilling the founder of Uniregistry and I enjoying ICANN greatly.

 Friends at ICANN

Shayan Rostam Global Director of Registry Operations at .XYZ and I.


Seeing the Sights

In Copenhagen seeing the beautiful sights while we have a chance.



Attending Interesting Talks

ICANN58 was full of many interesting talks on important issues facing the industry right now.