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Rebrandly Teams: Branded Links for Teams


After countless requests from our fantastic user base, I’m delighted to announce the release of our newest feature. On behalf of all of us at Rebrandly, we’re proud to announce Rebrandly for Teams is live!

With Rebrandly for Teams, working together creating and sharing branded links has never been easier.

Rebrandly for Teams provides the opportunity for others inside or outside your organization to work with your personal or company domain. You can invite your teammates, wherever they are in the world, to create branded links in a collaborative way. Team owners simply need to choose a domain or domains they want to assign to their teammates, invite the relevant colleagues and presto- you’ve got a team!

What’s more, the whole team can see and share the links that their colleagues created. They give you the freedom and flexibility to work together, share the most relevant domain for your needs and track which links are the most successful.

Branded Links for Teams

As If You Needed a Reason…

So, teams sound pretty cool, right? They’re perfect for pretty much anyone who wants to share and collaborate with partners, colleagues, friends, customers, suppliers, family members and anyone else you can think of! But there are a few specific ideas we had in mind when creating teams:

Large Projects 

We’ve all been involved in projects that span across departments- and some of us have even got to get colleagues based on other continents involved. One of the biggest challenges that companies have is sharing a consistent brand message when different departments are located in different offices or even on different continents. Getting permission to use custom domains, approvals and installation/setup issues are all barriers to the free flow of information to customers. With teams, department managers or project managers can grant the relevant teammates access to domains even when they’re not all working in the same place at the same time.


Agencies managing various campaigns for a vast variety of clients simply need to be using teams. Let’s say you want to create branded links for a client, but you’re not able to get sensitive login details…Well, gone are the days of sharing a generic short link to get the job done. Instead, agencies now have two options:

Clients can create a team and invite the agency, keeping ultimate control over their domain name. They can watch the progress of the campaign, check in with their agency and make changes to the campaign in-house if it’s really necessary.


Agencies can create a team on behalf of their clients and then invite the client to collaborate and give input. In this way, agencies have the freedom to offer branded links as an additional service to their clients with no added stress.

Alongside your Company Email 

When you join a new company, the first thing you’re usually assigned is an email, right? Well, with Teams, companies can also assign a branded link to individual users. This gives employees the freedom to share branded links internally, and perhaps also externally.

Think about it- each day how many times do you send Dropbox or Google Drive files to colleagues? Instead of sending a generic link, Teams allows employees to deliver all of their communications with a branded link.

I know what you’re thinking: “But what if they share inappropriate content online or say something that we don’t want to be associated with our brand?”

Sure, employees do have the ability to share some strange stuff, but that’s no different from the rights they have with a company email address. In fact, with Rebrandly’s Teams feature, you have more control than you would ever have with email. Branded links can be edited and deleted by the team creator at any time.

Universities and Communities 

Similarly to large organizations, universities and big communities usually find plenty of opportunities to collaborate when sharing links. Schools can give students a university specific domain, and even categorize them based which program or school they belong to. 

On graduation, they could be offered a Harvard.alumni domain, for example, and retain their association to their university.

We carry an undeniable sense of pride for our alma mater- why shouldn’t we carry a branded link along with it?

Celebrities & Big Brands 

Imagine you’re a brand/social media manager for a celebrity, a sports team or a big brand and you want your fans to have a domain that they can use to share pictures, events, and social posts. With teams, you can register a custom domain to provide for free for your loyal followers.

You could have something like TheRollingStones.Band for general registration, increasing your brand visibility with every branded link shared! This can turn your global fan base into a community, tying together fans from all over the world.


Even surnames can be used as domains, bringing the whole family together in the digital age. Families can invite groups weddings, family reunions and birthdays using their own name in the branded link- a really novel way to make big events even more special.

Branded Links Work for Everyone

Branded Links for Teams

So regardless of what you’re sharing, whether it’s for school, work or for fun, branded links get people’s attention! If you’re managing a large project, want to give your employees or students access to a well-reputed name or if you have a business need to share your domain, our Teams feature allows you to include everyone.

How Do I Get Teams For Rebrandly?

If you already have an account with Rebrandly you can start using Teams by following the steps on our ‘How to Create a Team‘ article. You can also follow the video below for a guide to creating teams, inviting teammates and sharing branded links as a team.

If not, you can sign up to Rebrandly to start sharing branded links today!

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