Top 10 Social Media Infographics

Best Social Media Infographics ever


Images comunicate better than texts. So I spent part of my time collecting what I think are the top 10 social media infographics ever.

I based my rating on the subject covered, the quality of the images and presentation, originality and freshness of the approach. Hope you will like my post and will comment with your thoughts, eventually suggesting any other great infographic I forgot to mention.

Without further ado, here are the Top 10 Social Media Infographics Ever:

1) The Psychology of Social Sharing

psychology sharing

Sharing online has become a part of our everyday lives and it’s increasingly becoming important to businesses. Our infographic ‘The Psychology of Sharing’ shows how we can all be characterized as particular types of ‘sharers’ and how those characteristics, along with the growth of social media, are shaping our online activity… whether that be personally; in business, or even how our CEOs are sharing.


2) Social Success

social succes

When used correctly, social media is a great (and mostly free!) communication tool for reaching new and existing customers, building word of mouth for your business, elevating your status as an industry expert, and extending the reach of your marketing. However, for many small business owners, social media also seems to require a huge amount of time for a questionable payoff, and most just don’t know where to start. The infographic below provides an easy-to-follow plan for managing your business’s social presence through each month of the coming year and answers the most common questions of “How do I use it? Why should I use it? What do I say? Who has the time?”


3) Vintage Social Media

vintage social media

Modern social media technology has remedied the inconveniences posed by its social networking predecessors. But with these improvements and the global interconnectedness of communication come opportunities for malicious infiltration of social networking platforms. Social networks have become the hackers’ main platform for cyber attacks such as the distribution of malware, phishing schemes and more. Behind any posted link, public photo or friend request could lay a plot to steal your personal or company information – and that’s just one motivation among the many possibilities. Innovations can simultaneously solve inconveniences and create new ones. Make sure you are educated on how to mitigate risk and prevent your identity from becoming someone else’s.


4) Best time to post

best time post

Have you ever wondered when you should be sharing your content on the social web? Your visitors and followers prefer using social media sites during specific hours. So if you start sharing your content when your users are on these social sites, you’ll not only gain more shares, but you’ll also notice an increase in traffic. So, when should you be sharing your content? Well, just follow the times in the infographic.


5) Social Media and Business

social media business

Does your company utilize social media? If you haven’t been running social media accounts for your business then you are missing out on the opportunity to engage with your current customers, raise awareness of your brand, and potentially attract new customers. Social media has become a part of everyday life for most of the general public with millions logging into their accounts daily – This infographic covers the main social media networks and how you can use them to boost the visibility of your business. Whether you are a traditional brick-and-mortar business or an online startup, social media can assist you in making your business a success. How? By searching for a specific audience, interacting with other businesses similar to yours and using related hashtags. Approximately 75% of all internet users are a member of at least one social network, why not connect with them?


6) The power of #hashtag

power hashtag

You’ve seen it everywhere: on TV advertisements and billboards, on Twitter and Facebook, on ironic T-shirts and baseball caps. You may have even heard a cheeky millennial say it out loud. But the humble hashtag (#) isn’t just a fad. In its true iteration — as early Twitter users truly intended — it served as a way to carry on a conversation with a diverse audience. Today, the hashtag represents a golden opportunity for small-business owners to send a message across multiple platforms — quickly. We’ve partnered with American Express OPEN for an in-depth look at how to harness the power of social media to build your business. With one simple hashtag, you can drive brand recognition, improve reach and engage in a give-and-take with your customer base.


7) Social VS Search

social search

While there are many differences between search marketing and social media, and each has its strengths, both are essential in marketing today. Interestingly, they take on exponentially more power when marketers use them together. To identify what works best for particular goals, MDG Advertising created an enlightening infographic that distinguishes the digital supremacy between social media and search marketing, as well as the collective strength of this dynamic duo. Take a look at how these two online methods measure up on their own and in sync.


8) An Average day on Facebook

average day facebook

With Facebook being the biggest social network on the web and history, there are some things that you probably do every day on Facebook. One great statistic is that in 2010, the average age of a Facebook user was 38. Even though the social network was made by a college student, Mark Zuckerberg, a young student, and also only being available to universities, it’s amazing to see how the older generation has braced social media with both hands.


9) Creating good social content

creating good social content

One may have the best design for their social media accounts and their content but without other elements, these are not great social content. Great design surely helps but great social media content is a mixture of much more than that as this infographic teaches us. The infographic from Edge Media gives us two overarching tips for creating great social content.


10) Email marketing vs social media

email marketing vs social media

Which is Better – Email Marketing or Social Media? You can actually make use of both. The key is to recognize that both email and social media are distinct and different marketing channels that can both be effective for your business if you design your campaigns to leverage the strengths of each.


Originally Posted: December 7th, 2015

Post Updated: February 18th, 2022



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