Over 1500 .LINK and .CLICK 3-letter Domain Names Now Available



Hurry up, this is a time-limited offer!
1500+ 3-letter and 3-number .LINK and .CLICK domains. Now Available For Only $4

Today we bring you the second promotion with UNR, the registry operator of the popular .link and .click TLDs.

UNR offers some really fun and more personalized domain names to fit your business or organization that will allow you to connect with your audience better. Some examples include .help .game .gift and .photo just to name a few.

This time around the domains that are on offer are 3-letter and 3-number .link and .click domains.

Below you can see a list of some of the TLDs that are currently available. These are now for sale at only $4 for the first year of registration, compared to their standard price of $14.

  • 500.click
  • 008.click
  • 181.click
  • acw.click
  • ago.click
  • dsv.click
  • bmm.click
  • dtt.click
  • fmt.click
  • foe.click
  • hoz.click
  • imm.click
  • ivy.click
  • lol.click
  • mkj.click
  • nor.click
  • nyy.click
  • oaf.click
  • pdh.click
  • pzy.click
  • qab.click
  • rfw.click
  • 039.link
  • 065.link
  • 040.link
  • ayv.link
  • bcr.link
  • dwc.link
  • ezp.link
  • fbf.link
  • hul.link
  • nzg.link
  • obf.link
  • ozp.link
  • pck.link
  • pdh.link
  • qzw.link
  • rdn.link
  • rzt.link
  • saz.link
  • szw.link
  • tcz.link
  • tzv.link
  • uan.link
  • uzz.link
  • vbo.link
  • wxx.link
  • xba.link
  • zov.link

Download the full list for .CLICK here!

Download the full list for .LINK here!

Register a .LINK or .CLICK on Rebrandly here!

The TLDs listed above are currently available as of the time and date that this article was published. Due to popular demand, they might be purchased fast, so if you have your eyes set on a specific one, we suggest you make your move before it’s gone.

TLDs and branded links

And since our mission here at Rebrandly revolves around the use of branded links, a TLD actually makes up one-third of a branded link. Have a look below for a better visualization of this:

branded link example

The growing choices of TLDs give marketers more options when creating custom branded links. Fun TLDs that are on offer for this promotion are ideal for creating unique links that stand out and convey a message.

We suggest branding all links across a specific topic or industry. For example, if you own a restaurant you can have links such as restaurant.link, menu.link and location.link depending on your business. Remember that once you register your domain with Rebrandly you are automatically able to create branded links for free.

Another promotion with UNR will take place in January so stay tuned for more!


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