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Rebrandly went to {Codemotion}

Rebrandly went to Codemotion

Codemotion Rome 2016 –  March 18-19

In their words “Codemotion is …one of the biggest tech-conferences in Europe, with an international network of 30.000 developers and 350 speakers coming from all over the world and from the most important IT realities.”

Codemotion Rome 2016

“Rebrandly was here!”

Codemotion Rome 2016

Part of our tech team joined the conference showcasing Rebrandly to attendees and meeting with tech candidates willing to join our team.

Rebrandly Team Codemotion

We were involved in very interesting speeches and received great feedbacks about Rebrandly and Branded Links. At our stand we met hundreds of great coders and gave away A LOT of coupon codes to register domains for free.

Rebrandly Coupon Codes

… and of course, we played SPACE INVADERS 🙂

Space Invaders






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