Our first 48h on Product Hunt

First 48h on Product Hunt
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Product Hunt is an incredible resource for any tech lover, especially for early adopters.  I personally check it almost once a day. You can be surprised about how many different and new products are posted there everyday, some of them are really awesome.

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But if you are reading our blog probably you knew it already ūüôā 

Ok…after the “commercial” here’s my story…
Two days ago, when I saw Rebrandly featured on PH (Rebrand.ly/PH) I was VERY pleased!!! Our service (even if still in beta) was among other important products and was gaining a lot of traction.

After less than 48h hours we received:

  • 477 upvotes (#3 in tech)
  • 1000+ subscriptions to Rebrandly
  • 350+ new branded domains registered
  • Many important advice

More than numbers, that are anyway very interesting, we received compliments, moral-support and GREAT advice from a super-prepared audience. This  allowed our engineers to perform hotfixes almost in realtime and significantly improve the UX.
New subscribers also brought to our attention some interesting needs that converged into a couple of new features we are designing right now.

We received 250+ messages via ProductHunt, Email, Twitter and Facebook.
Here’s a sample:

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 09.16.00Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 09.13.00 Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 09.11.15

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 09.07.26 Our “strategy”

Today I browsed a bit about PH product launches and I saw articles about strategies, preparation, techniques,… We didn’t do anything of that, we just followed the flow and were careful to answer all the questions from product-hunters as fast as possible.

rebrandly product hunt

Here what we did:

  • Contacted the author of the submission, that resulted to be subscribed to Rebrandly months ago and asked to update the presentation material with better creativities we produced, including a nice video (Rebrand.ly/Video) and an animated GIF.
  • Asked PH to be accredited as the Maker of Rebrandly
  • Published a welcome message from our founder
  • Answered any question and comments on PH, Facebook, email and Twitter
  • Updated the conversation with additional info and images



In my opinion focus on the product is King and focus on customers is King-Kong.
I mean that if your product is customer centric, if everything runs around UX and your team culture is all about doing and re-doing things until perfection, then you can expect a huge support from your customers.

Thank you to all Product Hunters that supported Rebrandly!   Rebrand.ly/PH




Rebrandly is the easiest way to create and manage branded links. Branding links with Rebrandly increases brand awareness of companies and individuals by showcasing and implementing brand messaging across the web.
  • What’s up guys, it is so cool and refreshing to see that you are doing exactly what you wrote about above. Rebrandly is such a great service and on top of that you are awesome and so helpful to people who are using it. Not to mention that right now Rebrandly is a free service. That is pretty unheard of. Some paid services I use have mediocre help at best, and you guys are doing it right. I had trouble setting up a subdomain myself and David went way beyond what I expected and just added it for me. Even though it was a small thing, it was huge and I am def a fan. Thank you! I’m looking forward to what’s next for Rebrandly, and I’ll help spread the word however ‚Äď if there are any specific ways you want me to share it with people, just lemme know!

  • Hi Quinn,
    Many thanks for your comment. It really means a lot for us especially in this first Beta stage. we are now working on link tagging for branded links a feature that we hope we’ll be live in about one week from now.

    • Awesome, and you got it. You guys are on to some good stuff. Thanks again and have a great week!