LinkedIn Paid Advertisement – How It Is Beneficial For Business Growth

LinkedIn Paid Advertisement*


Social media marketing might seem easy at the surface for business growth, but it is a complex process to derive success. You are expected to curate the right messaging techniques and use them to attract your audience members. 

However, just the right messaging won’t work unless you make sure it is directed towards the right users who are most likely to engage with your business. And there probably isn’t a better place for business growth through social media marketing than LinkedIn.

In fact, LinkedIn advertising offers you both the organic and paid route to get the maximum reach. With nearly 700 million active users as of 2020, LinkedIn has grown into the ultimate networking site for professionals than just a social media platform. It has the standard of digital curriculum vitae, giving access to tremendous useful information to people to grow their businesses and gain the right exposure.

Benefits of LinkedIn Paid Advertisement Feature for Business Growth

The following are some of the best benefits that come along with advertising through LinkedIn. Let’s have a look!

1. Best conversion rates you can get

The most direct benefit of using LinkedIn paid advertising is that your automatic take away is increased conversion rates if you use it the right way. Many of the advantages that you will gain by leveraging LinkedIn for business growth will start with the initial step of increasing your conversions. The smoother the process of lead conversion becomes for your customers, the better it is for your objective.

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. As per a year-long survey conducted by HubSpot, LinkedIn is responsible for ads converting users to lead prospects at a 6.1% conversion rate. Compared to the 2.5% rate that comes with Google ads, LinkedIn is acing leading conversion in the market. There is no doubt that your advertising and marketing efforts would be met with significant success.

benefit of linkedin paid advertisement


2. Increases your reach to a more professional audience

LinkedIn might be featuring more than half a billion users, but it doesn’t come close to what Facebook and Instagram have under its belt. However, there is a unique advantage when it comes to LinkedIn that the users share complete information and details regarding themselves openly. From location to past work experience and skillset, LinkedIn features all.

On average, a LinkedIn audience will consist of decision-makers, senior-level influencers, and even a significant number of C-suit members. Even if you are a professional in your field, you need to craft a perfect resume. You can use the help of a CV writing service to ensure it looks really impressive. Therefore, it is inevitable for companies to ignore LinkedIn as a potential business growth booster.

3. You get more accurate audience targeting through industry-specifications

Apart from all the standard professional information you can find on LinkedIn, the platform allows you to better target your ads based on industry specification, such as:

  • Job Title and responsibility
  • Seniority and position
  • Company names
  • Company size
  • Office Logistics
  • Industry and sector
  • Degree name and type
  • Relevancy of skills

Therefore, when you launch an ad campaign on LinkedIn, your marketing team can exactly pin-point the targeted audience that needs to see the ad. Such targeting helps you increase your reach but narrow it down to the relevant people. This has allowed LinkedIn to become a good fit for brands targeting B2B customers.

4. You can tailor your budget around your business and ad’s performance

Just as many social media platforms allow you to tailor your advertising budget when using, LinkedIn gives you a similar option. In addition to allowing you to tailor your budget around your business, LinkedIn also allows you to change your budgets and bids in response to how your current ad campaign performs at the platform.

However, advertising on LinkedIn and also other social media platform comes with pricing minimums. Such minimums are placed to help the company maximize the performance of the ad campaign. For instance, the average CPC for LinkedIn ads is around $5, while the highest Google takes $2.

5. Allows you to build a direct connection with your targeted individuals

Personalization is also one of the top benefits that give LinkedIn a professional edge over other social media advertising platforms. With its feature of Sponsored InMail, your company gets to build a direct connection with your targeted audience. You can send a customized message to the targeted members that are relevant to your business stride.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a likely candidate for your company or attracting a valuable industry lead, Sponsored InMail is a competitive answer. LinkedIn will also ensure that you don’t send messages to inactive members saving you from wasting money. Instead, it improves your chances of reaching the right audience circles and earning better results from such interactions.

6. You can attach ABM with LinkedIn paid advertisement

It is highly likely that your company has already invested in account-based marketing (ABM) that focuses on target specific accounts and clients by designing and running a dedicated campaign. LinkedIn advertising has immense benefits if you associate your ABM strategies with the platform. That is because the professional social media network has already centered its advertisement option to support account-based marketing.

The B2B industry is already thriving off of LinkedIn and its features that are beneficial to ABM strategies. Depending on how valuable your target audience is, LinkedIn paid advertisement should give you an immense payoff.

7. Get to use the unique type of advertising LinkedIn has to offer

There is a high chance that you are already advertising on social media and are likely familiar with the many different types of advertisements circulating. However, when it comes to LinkedIn, the possibilities don’t end with the most common type of ads like sponsored posts and sidebar ads.

From the text, images to videos, there are many different ad formats to choose from when it comes to advertising through LinkedIn. There are Dynamic, Carousel, and Display ad options, each with its own benefit, making it easier for your marketing team to review each feature before you stick to it.

8. Easily nurture your leads to long-term customers

Where most of the social media platforms focus on generating leads and gaining exposure, they don’t follow up with what happens once your lead actually enters your database and engages with your content. Without any features to nurture the leads in prospective, long-term customers, the efforts to drive results from an ad campaign are incomplete.

LinkedIn takes the lead nurturing a step further from just email messaging. The platform offers a dedicated feature called Lead Accelerator. It provides you with the functionality of tracking your most valued prospects and carry on the process of nurturing through targeted ads explicitly directed towards them.

Expert Tips to Make the Most out of LinkedIn Paid Advertisement

Now that you are all hooked up with the great benefits of using LinkedIn as your paid advertising platform for business growth let’s take a look at some effective tips to make the most out of the experience.

1. Organic is good, but don’t deny the benefit of paid advertising

First and foremost, it is crucial here to understand that even though LinkedIn offers you both organic and paid advertising options, you cannot just depend on one. Just where organic is good, the paid advertisement is great. Considering the immense benefits we’ve learned about paid advertising earlier, you cannot deny how effective it can be for business growth.

It is not only better at raking in results, but you can analyze your reach and gain exposure from people who are important for your business growth. It gives you the independence of choosing the right audience members who would engage and appreciate your content the most.

2. Mark the right objective for your sponsored content

Running a sponsored ad content and conducting a paid gig becomes a challenge, especially if you don’t have a goal in mind. It is a waste of valuable resources if your efforts don’t work toward achieving an objective. Therefore, you must plan a goal and work towards achieving it through your ad campaign. It makes it easier to look forward to what the timely result will be.

The following are some specific objectives you can design when it comes to a paid advertisement through LinkedIn:

Lead generation

This is the ultimate objective of every business marketer, no matter which platform they are using. LinkedIn paid advertising is an, in fact, rightfully equipped with great features just to help you achieve this objective instantaneously. It allows you to analyze how many people are engaging with your content. For instance, you have an online Assignment Assistance startup; this aim would work best for campaigns driven to invite customers and clients to join in your email subscription list or RSVP to attend an event.

More viewership

A video advertisement run is naturally aimed towards gaining a significant number of views. The best part about having this objective is that you can set this goal physically to focus on your video ad views through the LinkedIn Video Views feature. This objective makes it easier if you are in the initial stages of growing your business marketing to see the exposure and engagement rates.

Increased engagement

Engagement objective is directly linked to aiming towards having a high reach to the right audience members. Your aim is to increase interactions on not just your ad campaign but other content available. In turn, you gain new customers, subscriptions, and followers. It is recommended to set this objective if you are looking forward to increased activity and interaction levels on your LinkedIn profile.

Increased website visits

Running specific ad campaigns with clickable content to lead your viewers to a landing page, preferably of your website, should be designed with this objective in mind. It focuses directly on how many people are interacting with your ad and engaging with the relevant website. The more website visits you gain, the better your ad is performing.

3. Creating personalized ads is the way to go

Personalization is an essential part of any successful ad campaign. Marketers must understand that despite having a huge audience and customer turnover, on a specific platform like LinkedIn, not everyone would be interested in your business for the same reasons. When you cater to a variety of different audiences, there are different reasons why your business appeals to them.

Therefore, it is crucial to appeal to them with what interests them, and personalization does that. Personalized ads would make it easier for the audience to feel a complete connection as the ad would be tailored as per their unique interests.

4. Check what the industry is up to

It is great if you are up to date with the current industry trends and your ad campaigns reflect that. However, instead of just following the industry trends blindly and sharing them, it is better to analyze and work accordingly.

If your ad offers insights and key takeaways about the current industry trend, your content will not feel generalized and establish your market’s thought leadership. The idea is to put in the right effort and make people engage without the trend going stale. It is important to know that trends are timely.

5. Add compelling visuals and catchy lingo but make it professional

No social media ad campaign would work without the element of visual attraction. It is important to integrate content curation and hire the right resources to design the most visually appealing advertisement block that delivers the message.

Most of the time, it happens that an ad run does the job of increasing viewership and engagement because if followed a certain visual track and had the language to speak to the audience. Using the right professional lingo is also crucial because if you don’t talk to your audience in a manner that convinces them and makes you look knowledgeable, the core message would be lost.

6. Repurpose and milk content that works

Not only can you save your time and effort but do wonders by repurposing your own content that has already garnered views and did a successful run on a different platform. If you created an ad campaign to run on Instagram, there is a high chance it can be refurbished and run on LinkedIn just the same.

However, milking content on every other profile that doesn’t seem to be doing the job is like pushing a concrete slab. It is entirely ineffective. Be sure to work the content that is already raking in numbers.

7. Test, retest, and analyze before you finalize

Before you hit that launch button, make sure you test your ad run because you want to ensure you put out the best copy of your ad. It is also important that if the test run is not successful, you take the ad off the platform, make the necessary changes, retest, and conduct the required analysis before you finalize.

Run numerous variations of the ad headline, creative elements, clickables, and call for action buttons if they are working and placed right or not. Then proceed to monitor if you are getting the intended results and numbers. Otherwise, something is not right.

8. Expand with LinkedIn tools

LinkedIn comes adorned with curated tools to help its users achieve the best business growth results when using the platform. Features like Lead Gen Forms, Audience Expansion, LinkedIn Audience Network, and many similar others can give you that extra boost to collect qualified leads by increasing reach, engagement, viewership, and overall brand awareness.

Features like these have a great impact on the ad runs and the overall expansion of the profile you have on LinkedIn. It makes your name reach a wider audience circle that participates in the same business filed as yours to become potential customers.

9. Keep track of your insights

There is no better way to keep working as a marketer than following insights on how your previous ad campaigns are doing. The better the number, the more you gain insight into what seems to be working and what you might be doing right.

However, on the flip side, if the numbers are not good and you are not achieving the desired result, then you learn what you did wrong and how you can improve to have a successful ad run next time. In both cases, having insights into your performance is favorable to designing new content.

10. Optimize for every device and browser

LinkedIn is a universal platform. Whether the user is an iOS user or an Android user, using LinkedIn on a smartphone or PC, using Chrome as the browser or an app, LinkedIn works the same. Therefore, your ad campaign must also be optimized for every device, browser, and user type to smoothly transition and allow viewing for all audience members.

Concluding Thoughts

LinkedIn is undoubtedly a specific territory to the professional world when it comes to social media platforms. Occupied by prominent entrepreneurs and business individuals to your current work colleague, the platform has become a huge source of exponential business growth for every user. Hopefully, the benefits and tips help you make the most out of this global stage of business junkies.

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