Free Marketing Tools: the $0 marketing stack

The $0 Marketing Stack

Regardless of how bootstrapped you or your startup may feel, the $0 marketing stack gives you plenty of opportunities to grow your business with a number of powerful free marketing tools. From Buffer to a specific app that tells you exactly what you need to know about a potential client you’re meeting with, you’ll be impressed by just how powerful completely free online marketing tools really are.

Tools in This $0 Marketing Stack Could be Considered the Best Free Marketing Tools Available Today:


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Buffer – A great helper for professional social media scheduling and marketing, this tool works by first connecting your chosen profile(s) from each of the major social media networks. From there, you can schedule up to 10 separate posts for each network you wish to target. If you choose to post twice per day on each network, for example, you’ll only have to work within Buffer every five days to set up the perfect schedule and target the most valuable markets for your business.

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– Manage your design and create fabulous images custom tailored for your needs. Social media graphics and presentations can be created by choosing from 1000’s of impressive layout options; you have the option of selecting from their collection containing millions of stock photographs or uploading your own personalized images. A number of photo filters can be used to “tweak” the look of a certain image; although a picture is worth a thousand words, you can still add your own text by choosing from the huge variety of fonts available, adding any icons and shapes you like as well.

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– You’ll never feel like you’re meeting a stranger again after using Charlie for your customer relationship management (CRM) needs. By searching through hundred’s of pages of social media profiles, blog posts, interests and more, Charlie will use your address book or a specifically entered email address to prepare a one page summary for each person with whom you plan to meet. Meetings are sure to go more smoothly when you arrive prepared and already have a good feel for what makes someone really “tick”!

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Google Analytics – Google gives all of us in the digital marketing world an almost bizarrely powerful tool for all aspects of web page analytics, and they keep it totally free. Everything from real time views of where viewers are clicking, reading and scrolling to a full analysis of how the traffic on all your social media sites is flowing is readily available, along with page views per minute and second, number of conversions, and much more.

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Google Trends
– True to their pattern, Google gives us this powerful marketing research tool that can make all the difference in your startup marketing scheme. Maybe you’ve heard some new terms and you want to find out if others are searching for those same keywords. Or, perhaps you have an idea for a phrase that you believe could be great for your online marketing campaign. After spending some time on Google Trends, you’ll leave with a good handle on the direction market interests are headed.

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– Top notch for heat mapping and website optimization. Want to find out exactly how much of each webpage your viewers are reading before they click away? Where are the best spots to insert customer surveys or to add targeted messages? With Hotjar, you can find out the answers to all of those questions with zero capital outlay required. By the way, this tool is just as perfect for learning more about how your visitors spend their time on your mobile site or app.

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MoZ Tools
– For SEO optimization, two free MoZ tools will help you with your online marketing campaign. With Open Site Explorer, you simply plug your URL into the site to view a number of SEO related statistics by clicking on different tabs on the Open Site Explorer dashboard. Followerwonk is another one of MoZ’s free marketing tools, which is geared specifically for SEO targeting on Twitter, giving you the potential for a powerful online presence.
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Rebrandly – One of the more new free marketing tools is a quick and easy way to both shorten the links you share across the web, as well as brand them with your own custom domain name. Rebrandly is a fresh approach to short links. Unlike Bitly and Goo.gl, Rebrandly links are simple to pronounce, easy to remember, cool, and they promote your brand. A branded link, such as “brand.link/marketing” increases trust and raises CTR (Click Through Rate) by up to 34%. Rebrandly links are also SEO friendly, because they come from your own custom domain and not a shared domain.

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– A powerful tool for analytics; in many cases, Segment will be all that is needed to collect customer data from all of your third-party applications. This single API will gather information from all of your mobile sites, websites, and servers, then format the data so that it can be sent to any analytical tool on their platform, all for free. Other applications like MailChimp and Google Analytics are also easily connected to Segment via features on the dashboard, allowing you to utilize the customer data collected with whichever app suits you best.

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Simply Measured
– When it comes to social media management, nothing beats Simply Measured. In exchange for a Twitter follow or a Facebook mention, you can get a number of customized reports from these sites that will help you streamline your digital marketing efforts and ultimately get more conversions. They also offer reports for your LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest campaigns, thereby effectively covering all six of the major social media networks.

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Wistia – Instead of just defaulting to YouTube to upload your videos, you can use Wistia as your free video management tool and keep people on your own page or direct them to another more desirable location, essentially driving people through a custom created marketing funnel. You can also increase your ROI with their video analytics tools, allowing you to see how far people get through your videos before clicking, pausing, etc.

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Word Press
– Create a website and/or blog page just by using the “new page” option in Word Press. More than 50,000 new sites each day are created using Word Press, a fact attesting to its powerful yet straightforward nature. You’ll get great customer support in whatever form suits you best, be it email, chat, support pages, or forums, and best of all, the free version fits right into our $0 marketing stack.

Free Marketing Tools Level the Playing Field

If you are on a bootstrapped budget but are still looking for the best free marketing tools available today, the above free marketing stack can provide impressive results to anyone willing to put in some time. In the world of social media and online marketing, the $0 marketing stack has leveled the playing field, giving even the smallest of businesses an opportunity to compete with big brand names throughout the web.

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