Dublin Tech Summit 2017

Rebrandly at Dublin Tech Summit, start-up, Dublin

Rebrandly at Dublin Tech Summit 2017

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The Dublin Tech Summit showcased the best of what Dublin has to offer in the Tech Industry.

This offered exciting opportunities for start-ups like Rebrandly to get exposure for their service.

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Why we attended the Dublin Tech Summit?

Davide and CoderDojo

Of course, we wanted to make wonderful new friends like CodoDojo.

Above all, however, we also wanted to meet our current customers and share our platform with new customers. While also learning about other great start-ups had to offer.

This was a success! It was humbling to meet people who already loved our product.

From all of us at Rebrandly, we would like to thank everyone who visited our stand at the Dublin Tech Summit.


What about the Freebees?

To encourage people to test our service we gave out free coupons. These coupons allowed users to register a personalised domain name and transform long links to a personalised shortened URL.

However, our generosity didn’t stop there however, we also had free Rebrandly shirts for everyone who visited us.

For instance, Tech enthusiast Adam Antony Cowdrey and Irish Music Party who wore their Rebrandly t-shirt’s with pride after the tech summit.

Dublin Tech Summit - Happy User

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Was Rebrandly the only brilliant start-up at the Dublin Tech Summit?

Unfortunately, we were not. A number of excellent start-ups attended the summit. Here are our top 10:

  • GitLab uses open source technology to provided Git repository management, code reviews, issue tracking, activity feeds and wikis. 
  • TukTuk Cartel is a charity working in developing countries. They support projects in developing countries which focus on education, innovation and sustainability.
  • TimePot is a time tracking solution to help small and medium businesses. It works by tracking how long it takes to undertake certain projects to then better manage your time and resources.
  • Grakn.ai – leverages the power of machine reasoning to help you build the next generation of intelligent applications. Grakn.ai allows machines to understand the meaning of information in the context of their relationships.
  • AirDates allow you to Meet, Chat and Date surrounding passengers, without an internet connection, ensuring you can continue your conversation/Chat on board.
  • Linkilaw is a platform that utilises tech and common-sense to provide startups with unique and cost-effective legal work.
  • Wowit is a location-based event discovery platform that helps you find events, tailored to your preferences and location.
  • Raven connects you to freelance beauty professionals around the country and they will then come to a location chosen by you, whether it’s your home, office or hotel.
  • Trupe is a geo-location technology which allows groups share in real-time all the content captured at an event, providing an engaging, multi-person, chronological timeline of moments. 
  • VanHack supports tech professionals finding work abroad and employers looking to hire top talent.

If you were at the Dublin Tech Summit too, let us know what your favourite part of the Summit was:

Rebrandly at the Dublin Tech Summit:

This article is about:

  • The Dublin Tech Summit (DTS) in Dublin’s Convention Centre on 15th & 16th February
  • Meeting current customer and future customers
  • Thanking those who supported our start-up by using our service
  • Start-Ups
  • Rebrandly bringing branded links to everyone at the Dublin Tech Summit.


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