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Marketers have a huge abundance of tools in their marketing stack that they use every day. There are tools for content creation, blogging, emails, lead nurturing and more. But one key element of the marketing process that is often forgotten is link management.

Links are shared and then forgotten about but are the backbone of the internet. Branded links (Also known as Vanity URLs) allow you to not only maintain control over your links but also to increase your brand exposure, increase click-through rate and also carry out some pretty awesome advanced marketing techniques.

The best part is it’s so easy to add branded links to your marketing stack. In fact, if you currently use short links you won’t need to change the way you work at all. This post will explain what a Marketing Stack is, why you need one and walk you through how simple it is to add branded links to your marketing stack and start seeing some results today.

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What is a Marketing Stack

marketing stack

Before we get into why you should add branded links to your marketing stack let’s talk about what I mean by the term ‘marketing stack’. If you do marketing whether you know it or not you have a marketing stack. A marketing stack is simply the collection of tools that you use to carry out your marketing efforts. Some examples include Buffer for social media sharing, MailChimp for sending marketing emails and Google Analytics for monitoring your numbers. Even Facebook and other social media platforms count as part of your marketing stack.

The Importance of Maintaining a Marketing Stack

Your marketing stack is the machine that fuels your company’s marketing. Like any machine to keep it running you have to invest time in it and occasionally you have to change some of the parts. You also need to be sure the value you’re getting is worth the investment of your time and money. Have you ever had a car that just kept breaking down? You love that car so you keep pouring more money than the car is worth into fixing it. You should have traded it in years ago for a new car but couldn’t bring yourself to do it.

Similar to this car you need to ensure that each element of your marketing stack is providing you with value. Does each part compliment the next and are you willing to explore alternative tools if you’re not getting value from your current ones? The aim of your marketing stack is to have the best set of tools for you to get your job done in the most effective and efficient way possible. Luckily we’re just about to discuss one of the simplest but most cost-effective additions to your marketing stack.

Branded Links and The Modern Marketing Stack

Traditionally your marketing stack would like something like: A social media posting tool, a blogging tool, an email tool, a CMS (Content Management System) and an analytics tool.

In the modern age of marketing, we’re starting to see other categories added to this list. The Marketing stack is no longer just about your marketing but your sales, processes and overall business strategy. In the modern day Marketing stack, we see CRM tools to track your sales, organizational and productivity tools like Trello, chatbot tools like motion.ai, automation tools like HubSpot, customer support tools like Intercom and more added to this stack.

The common denominator between the majority of these tools is that you use them to share links in some form or another. You share links with your email tool, your social tool, and your blogging tool. You send links to prospect through your CRM tool and you send links to your internal team with organizational tools.

Since sharing links is such a massive part of each of the tools that make up your marketing stack adding branded URL shortener link tool like Rebrandly gives you an array of benefits:

Increases Brand Awareness: Branded links allow you to increase your brand exposure by sharing links with your own domain name.

Increase Trust: Adding your brand name to the links you share increases people’s trust in the intention of these links. They know that they will be directed to relevant content rather than spam or phishing websites. This increased trust results in up to a 39% higher click-through rate for your links.

Link ManagementRebrandly lets you create, share and delete links. You can track the number of clicks each link receives and even edit the destination of links after sharing them.

Improves SEO: Branded links allow you to include keywords in your URL slug rather than just jibberish generic short links. For example, you can share links that look like Brand.Link/Keyword rather than short.ly/PLti88J

Memorability and Pronounceability: Because branded links are memorable and pronounceable it makes it easier to share them online and offline increasing their potential reach.

Sounds good right? And these are just some of the benefits of using branded links! Branded links can be used no matter what industry you’re operating in, from human resources to agencies. Today a large number of prominent digital agencies are using branded links, and it saves them time and makes them look more professional in the eyes of their clients.

Next, let’s discuss how you can get started with branded links in four easy steps.

How to Add Branded Links to Your Marketing Stack in 4 Easy Steps

The most impressive things about using branded links in your marketing stack is that it’s free to get started, it’s simple to set up and it won’t interrupt your workflow. In fact, if you already use short links you don’t need to change your workflow at all.

Step 1: Got to Rebrandly.com

Step 2: Click ‘Sign Up Now’ and sign up for a Rebrandly account.

Step 3: Download the Rebrandly browser extension to make sharing branded links even easier.

Step 4: Choose a custom domain for your account.

You’re now ready to start sharing branded links with your custom domain. You can easily share branded links by clicking the browser extension on any web page to generate a branded link with your custom domain. Sharing branded links gives you increased brand awareness, a higher click-through rate and tracking abilities that you may have been missing before. With so many benefits and being so easy to use introducing branded links to your marketing stack is an absolute no-brainer.

Click the image below to get your brand on your links and add an essential tool to your marketing stack.


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