The Best Marketing Automation Software for 2020

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Marketing automation is becoming an increasingly dominant force in the marketing industry today, with over 51% of businesses currently using it in some way. 

Automation in marketing takes many forms. You could be automating your onboarding sequence, an internal workflow, social media posts, ad campaigns — or pretty much anything else you could think of. 

The landscape of marketing automation, however, can be pretty tricky to navigate. There seems to be no end to what we can automate in today’s day and age, so deciding where to start — and what software to start with — can be daunting. 

On that note, we’ve rounded up some of the best marketing automation software to get you started: 

  1. HubSpot 
  3. Integromat
  4. TapMango
  5. SalesHandy
  6. Pabbly Connect
  7. Adplorer
  8. CoSchedule
  9. Revealbot
  10. Jumplead 
  11. PushEngage
  12. Automizy
  13. Zalster
  14. Prisync
  15. Genoo
  16. DialogTech



HubSpot has a full growth suite that includes sales software, marketing software, and support software, which all integrate automatically with HubSpot’s free CRM. The combined effect of having all of your data and growth activity in one place can unleash tons of creative automation possibilities that would be difficult or impossible if you use separate tools. - best marketing automation software is a marketing platform for sending targeted and automated emails, push notifications, and SMS messages to engage and retain an audience. Harnessing real-time behavioral data and advanced segmentation across web and mobile channels, empowers marketers to send contextually-relevant communication that creates a great customer experience leading to retention and conversion.


integromat best marketing automation software

Integromat is an online platform to connect apps and automate workflows. It features a visual builder to create “scenarios” without code, and has been recognized as one of the most powerful automation tools in the market.

In light of its features and flexible pricing, Integromat is quickly becoming a user-favorite, and with good reason: they are literally turning automation into an easy, affordable endeavor.


Tapmango - best marketing automation software

TapMango is a fully branded loyalty solution offering the most advanced rewards program to retailers and restaurants. With TapMango you can engage customers with our powerful SMS/Email marketing, get new customers with our referral system and online review boost, increase revenue with flash sales and mobile ordering, seamlessly integrate with your POS and so much more. Paired with a world-class customer support team, TapMango is powering thousands of happy merchants.


saleshandy best marketing automation software

Email Communication is a basic need for every salesperson. You want to reach out to prospects and close more deals. SalesHandy makes this conversation smooth. You can send cold email campaigns to your prospects with multi-stage auto-follow ups and email scheduling features. To avoid the machine type interaction, SalesHandy provides the Mail Merge personalization that increases the email deliverability and gets more open rates. SalesHandy analytics will give you the overall performance report based on your campaign to get behavioral insights from email communications and to know the recipient’s engagement faster.

Pabbly Connect


Pabbly Connect is a handy software that lets you transfer data and integrate applications from multiple niches such as CRM, marketing, payments, etc. Using this software, you can create automated workflows in a few easy steps. The best thing about this tool is that you can create unlimited workflows and access all the advanced features in the basic plan itself.

You can also set triggers to start the workflow and add unlimited multi-step calls in it. Additionally, you can set filters using multiple conditions and do a lot more to create smart and efficient workflows.



Adplorer’s marketing software is the world’s first all-inclusive digital marketing automation platform built specifically to help you manage local marketing campaigns. This technology enables you to scale marketing campaigns across thousands of SMBs, franchise locations, and enterprises all over the world. Agencies and internal marketing departments use this software to automate the creation and management of campaigns on Google, Bing, and Facebook, as well as manage their social media platforms and reporting all in one platform!


Coschedule - best marketing automation software

CoSchedule is a family of agile marketing products that will help you stay focused, deliver projects on time, and make your team happy.


Revealbot - best marketing automation software

Revealbot is an advanced automation tool for Facebook ads. With Revealbot, media buyers can profitably scale their campaigns while spending less time in the weeds on day-to-day ad account management.



Jumplead is a B2B marketing automation software platform designed to combine landing pages, email marketing and CRM into one easy to use and affordable service. Marketing automation software can often be costly and complex, but Jumplead offers pricing tears that appeal to businesses of all sizes, and prides itself on being easy-to-use. 



This is a push notification platform. It allows you to send customized push notifications to increase customer engagement. It has automated campaigns to keep users engaged and bring them back to your website. PushEngage is powering push notifications for more than 10K+ websites across the globe. It also offers integration with all the major platforms like Shopify, WordPress, Prestashop, and more.



Automizy is an email marketing automation software that is designed to increase your open rates by giving you all the necessary tools to make your emails stand out in a crowded inbox. With this platform, you can create email automations, automatically resend campaigns to non-openers, save time with email templates and automation blueprints. Automizy also provides an email subject line tester so you can get scores for your subject lines before sending them. 


Zalster - best marketing automation software

The Zalster platform is an ecosystem of optimization and automation tools for Facebook Ads, and is soon launching a cross-channel comparison tool with budget redistribution between Google and Facebook. It enables marketers to save time while increasing their performance, letting machine learning algorithms make data-driven decisions instead of humans making them based on gut feeling.


Prisync - best marketing automation software

Prisync is a competitor price tracking and dynamic pricing software that helps e-commerce companies make better pricing decisions. The platform tracks competitor prices and automatically adjusts your pricing based on what it sees, granting you total control over your positioning in the market.


Genoo - best marketing automation software

Genoo is a full-featured email marketing automation software solution for small and midsized businesses. They have deep integration with WordPress, landing page builder, the best inbox delivery across email service providers and marketing automation, and win awards for our customer service.


DialogTech - best marketing automation software

DialogTech provides the leading AI-driven conversation intelligence platform for marketers at businesses that value inbound phone calls. When consumers call, DialogTech turns those conversations into actionable insights businesses use to improve marketing ROI, increase sales conversions, and deliver more personalized customer experiences, both online and over the phone. 


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