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Best Digital Asset Management Software in 2020

Best Digital Asset Management Software in 2020


According to a study by Research and Markets, the global digital assets management market is expected to be worth $8.5 billion by the End of 2025. But why is this market growing so much?

The reasons are clear. The request for branded photography, graphics, videos by customers is growing and companies need to be fast and smart in creating, organizing, and managing their digital content.

Internally at many organizations, all important documents and files are spread over Google Drive, Dropbox, email attachments, PC folders, Youtube and it’s more and more difficult to quickly find that exact video or picture that you need. And, that’s why many organizations need a digital assets management platform.

Nowadays, especially since remote work has become the new normal to many of us, marketing and sales teams need to quickly find brand assets to draft and deliver the perfect ad, to send the perfect presentation, to build the perfect website and at the end of the day…to sell more.

Time is money and digital asset management platforms (DAM) can help your company to:

  • Save time and costs when searching for assets using defined metadata and used to tag all your digital assets.
  • Maintain brand consistency because all digital assets are managed and accessible to the key stakeholders (designers, sales, marketing).
  • Restrict access to sensitive content or limit download privileges on certain files.
  • Improve measurement of return on investment because DAM platforms include features that enable to forecast and analyze asset consumption across multiple communication channels.

So, now you know why you need to find the best digital asset management platform for your business and we hope that this article is going to help you with just that.


filecamp Best Digital Asset Management Software

Filecamp is a cloud-based DAM software solution that helps companies organize and share their digital media such as images, videos, and brand guidelines. It comes with unlimited users, each user configured with their own set of user-, admin-, and folder permissions. They have a built-in online proofing and commenting tools allow you to review and approve creative work.

Filecamp’s custom branding options will make sure your DAM system matches your brand guidelines. And multiple themes allow you to give each folder, brand, or customer it’s own separate branding.


oomnitza Best Digital Asset Management Software

Oomnitza offers enterprise IT a unique solution to manage the entirety of the digital estate. They offer granular control and orchestration across the lifecycle of all digital assets, including hardware, software, IoT, networks, cloud, as well as the people and workflows who rely on them.


canto Best Digital Asset Management Software

Canto is a user-friendly digital asset management software and helps companies by organizing, securing, and sharing visual brand assets with ease.

It gives teams the power to easily tag, collaborate and report on company-wide digital assets in a visual environment.


widen Best Digital Asset Management Software

Widen builds high-performing digital asset management software that empowers organizations to create impactful, measurable and consistent brand experiences.

Its platform spans brand, marketing resources, and product information management solutions and has enabled over one million marketers, content creators, and technologists to better connect with audiences.


Censhare Best Digital Asset Management Software

This universal content management platform lets you connect with your audiences on any channel, in any language, locally or globally. Every aspect of their semantic database technology helps reduce time and costs. All content is interlinked, bringing every image, video, document and file under complete control.

Everyone is connected to the platform enabling a smoother, more collaborative production process while greater automation in content management allows a rapid response to new opportunities. Above all, you’ll get new freedom to create and deliver quality communications at a lower cost with exceptional efficiency.


bright Best Digital Asset Management Software

Bright’s software enables its customers to store, manage and share digital assets with staff, partners and 3rd parties round the world. Flexible, scalable and fully customizable, Bright’s products are simple to use and are complemented by a first-rate support and customer success team.

Bright’s products include digital asset management platforms Asset Bank and Dash. They’ve also recently been awarded a ‘Best Workplaces 2020’ award by Great Place to Work.

PhotoShelter for Brands

photoshelter Best Digital Asset Management Software

PhotoShelter for Brands allows marketing and creative teams to easily store, organize and share content so they can engage audiences in real-time. With this one centralized platform, you’ll be able to move creative files from point A to point B instantly. It fits seamlessly into the way you work, connects to tools you use every day through Adobe and API integrations, and gives you full creative control of your visual content.

Image Relay

imagerelay Best Digital Asset Management Software

Image Relay gives teams their time back so that they can do more with their content. It is easy to use and everyone can get the content they need when they need it and quickly share it with a colleague, a partner, or the world. They are also a certified B Corp and committed to using business as a force for good.


wood wing Best Digital Asset Management Software

WoodWing Assets (formerly Elvis DAM) is a flexible and easy-to-use digital asset management solution that helps companies organize and manage all types of digital files across their organization. Its flexibility comes from an open API architecture, providing connectivity to establish workflows with numerous systems used within an organization, including PIM, CRM, CMS, PM tools, Adobe CC, publishing systems.

It’s perfect for publishers, brands, media agencies, and marketing teams across all industries providing them with easier file access management, file sharing options, and a best-in-class Adobe InDesign integration for seamless content editing.


nuxeo Best Digital Asset Management Software

With Nuxeo you can manage digital assets with a full-featured range of DAM functionality. Searching and storing rich media assets is just the beginning and using Nuxeo you can accelerate product development and leverage every step in your creative value chain.


merlinone Best Digital Asset Management Software

MerlinOne, is one of the best digital asset management software, empowering creative teams to effectively organize and manage their digital and creative content. Aimed to make visual storytelling development easier, MerlinOne allows express access to digital assets from anywhere.

MerlinOne is the trusted AI-centric DAM vendor for hundreds of businesses thanks to its reliability, flexibility, scalability, optimal performance, automation and world-class customer service.


MavSocial Best Digital Asset Management Software

MavSocial is a simple and affordable social media and digital asset management solution used to streamline social media activities. The platform enables marketers to curate, schedule, and automate posts on any social media. It helps engage with audiences, listen to industry trends, boost posts, monitor analytics, build reports, and collaborate with team members.

The system also allows users to store and manage all their images, videos, and audio files in one centralized and searchable location. Markets can edit their images with the platform, with image recognition available to suggest meta tags. You can even use royalty-free libraries like Giphy or Pexels through the platform.

Wrapping Up

So there you have it, a consolidated list of the best digital asset management software available in 2020.

DAM software helps companies by centrally storing large amounts of digital content and keeping branding materials up to date. It increases the searchability of digital assets, empowers teams and secures brand consistency.

Do you want to suggest your favorite platforms? Let us know in the comments below.

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