6 brands killing it with co-marketing campaigns


Co-marketing campaigns can become a game changer in the success of your marketing activities – if they’re done right. Co-marketing – also known as cross-promotion – means partnering with another company that isn’t your competitor, but targets a similar audience, and then creating a promotion that benefits both companies. Half the effort, double the results….

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How to enforce brand consistency


The strength of a company’s character lies in its brand consistency. According to a study by LucidPress, a provider of brand management software, consistently presented brands are three to four times more likely to experience brand visibility. And generally, better visibility translates to more conversions. Being consistent with your branding builds recognition and adds to…

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The ultimate guide to image SEO


It’s well-known that a firm grasp of SEO best practices can play a significant part in growing your business and getting your brand’s name out there. A combination of careful research, a strong social media presence, and strategic use of keywords throughout your copy can dramatically increase the visibility of your brand, making it more…

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